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  1. @servo75 is a performance artist here to entertain us?
  2. That is preferable to someone fanatically devoted to a bad position. Of course in modern politics Jefferson would be considered a flip/flopper and would never get nominated.
  3. Jefferson was mercurial. He would say one thing, then on another day say the opposite. You can find a Jefferson quote to support nearly any political position you want to take.
  4. He's certainly raising money already. It'll all be paid out in "consulting fees" for the next three years (no points for guessing who the consultants will be). It's a handy scam.
  5. 1 Practically any candidate would be better than Clinton 2 Assuming Trump runs again, which is by no means certain, it will be easy to frame the election the same way Ronald Reagan did in 1980 and again in 1984. "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" I expect the answer to be no for most people.
  6. Adams was a great man, but not a great president.
  7. I don't know why people are so excited about Trump reenacting the Hoover administration
  8. I'm curious what you base this on. By almost all measures, the US economy did very well in that era.
  9. Yeah, thank goodness we didn't get that warmonger in the White House...
  10. One might ask the same of Muslim terrorists. They often don't follow other tenets of the religion, but use the predominant religion of their area to gain legitimacy.
  11. I was in the Olympic Park just a couple of hours before it was bombed by the Christian Identity guy, who did it explicitly to undermine Western values.
  12. The high ratings for JFK baffle me
  13. The polls sometimes miss, as Harry Truman could attest. Heck, the polls in the 1980 election were off by more than 2016, predicting a very close outcome between Carter and Reagan.
  14. It's a very questionable practice in all cases. The state has no business killing people.
  15. I am eligible and I did not vote Democrat. Never have.