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  1. State Constitutional Conventions are much more common, historically. So many American Constitutionalists seem to believe that, because a convention had happened and the product was ratified, that somehow means that the product must be a permanent and eternal institution, with no legality to it's replacement or serious consideration thereof, EVER, but only the onerous amendment procedure being legal, forgetting that many, many nations in the world, and the majority of U.S. States, for that matter (especially the ones east of the Mississippi) have gone through several constitutions each in their histories.
  2. OOC Note: You do know that all these laws are fulfilled through the Blood and Sacrifice of Christ and the New Covenant, right? I sometimes wonder just how many Christians actually know or understand that.
  3. And the city in the U.S. I'd want to live in if I had to choose one, which I've mentioned as such a couple of times on these forums, is Seattle, also absent from the above list, strangely.
  4. No. Assuming I were being sportsmanlike and answering in the spirit of the question and not just defaulting to Canada, where I currently live, I would choose New Zealand, which is notably absent.
  5. Which you swing like an Visigoth's battle-axe.
  6. The choices I would choose for number 2 and 3 are not listed.
  7. I notice this poll makes the assumption that, even if Trump hadn't entered the Primary, I would have voted (if I were eligible to vote in the U.S.) in a Republican primary for one of the five listed above.
  8. Henry Clay, hands down. I couldn't think of a second, though you did say, "Two, at MOST."
  9. I've already said, the only Steam games I have are Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology, and I MAY end up buying their iteration of Age of Empires III as well. I've said this twice, perhaps even thrice, on these forums already.
  10. The last sovereign nation on Earth (which was an officially recognized nation internationally) to criminalize slavery officially was Mauritania in 1984 - which, needless to say, is a piss-poor, highly socially-retrograde, horribly corrupt, desert hole-in-the-ground suffering from miserable economic and social inequity and with no industrialized economic basis in it's own borders at all.
  11. In Canada, one is not simply treated as transgender because they've arbitrarily declared themselves such. In the 21st Century here, they go to a therapist and councillor and begin a "process" that may or may not at the end (depending) culminate with a sex change and legal change of ID, but involves hormone medication and "living as the opposite gender" in a more and more integrated way into their lifestyle over a period. There's a whole process to it, where professional therapists and councillors with an education in such things are involved the whole way. The "arbitrary declaration of gender and expectation of full instant recognition" is not legally or formally recognized here, in the way spoken of in the United States.
  12. Right-WING, perhaps, if nothing else.
  13. That's because you've been brainwashed to believe all left-wing economies are bad in all ways and will quickly collapse, and all right-wing economies are good in all ways, and will lead to long-term prosperity, without exception. BAAAAA!!!
  14. He was an idiosyncratic, eccentric, and interesting note in WW2, but, at the rank of Captain, I don't think he fully qualifies for the calibre of commander being discussed here.
  15. Not true, strangely. Aside from nations in Antiquity and pre-colonial days of various sorts that were not under Abrahamic religions, the Weimar Republic, for it's duration, fully decriminalized homosexuality, believe it or not. Unfortunately, that made drew many homosexuals out of the closet and into open life, where, after the Night of Long Knives, when the Nazis added them to the Jews, Romani, Jehovah's Witnesses, non-Whites, migrant workers, Communists, Socialists, and other demographics who were targeted by their pogrom, they ended up not being hard to find at all for the Gestapo to round up.