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  1. @vcczar @jvikings1 @Reagan04 @Dallas @Sanser2016 @CalebsParadox @lok1999 @jnewt @ThePotatoWalrus @SiorafasNaCillini @servo75 @Presidentinsertname @Falcon @Take Me to La Riva @TheMiddlePolitical @Zach @Sunnymentoaddict @streiner @Conservative Elector 2 @Jayavarman @SeanFKennedy @QuickHead555 @goTBrays @warren2016 @victor1313 @TheLiberalKitten @Biden Should've Run @wolves @Socialist Bernie @Mordechai @michaelsdiamonds @chunkbuster11 @admin_270 @VanMav @pilight @Bruce Fischer @LegolasRedbard @republicaninnyc @TeamEhmling Any comments, constructive criticisms, or suggestions? This list isn't yet finalized.
  2. "Tyranny of the majority," again. That term is utter crap, and was the kind of term used by the National Party of South Africa and the Rhodesian Front. It's a term without merit and without any ethical backing. Because, at the end of the day, if it's not "tyranny of the majority," it's "tyranny of the minority," and thinking anything else is naïve self-deception. A representative constitutional government walks a fine line to keep that status, but using such terms as "tyranny of the majority" in such derogatory and incendiary ways swerves from that line sharply. When a majority of your own citizens are declared inherently "tyrants to the nation" and to be disempowered, to a very dark place such a line of thought leads...
  3. I can't help but notice something ironic here. A lot of the supporter on these forums who favour a hard Brexit are, to some degree or other, Trump supporter, and the hard Brexit is justified here by being the will of the majority - but when it's brought to most of the same posters here that Trump was NOT the will of the majority, ironically I hear that the "tyranny of the majority" must be protected against. Can someone please explain this double standard to me without defaulting to arguments that effectively amount to, and paraphrase, that different nations magically and intrinsically have different laws of common sense itself?
  4. @vcczar @jvikings1 @Reagan04 @Dallas @Sanser2016 @CalebsParadox @lok1999 @jnewt @ThePotatoWalrus @SiorafasNaCillini @servo75 @Presidentinsertname @Falcon @Take Me to La Riva @TheMiddlePolitical @Zach @Sunnymentoaddict @streiner @Conservative Elector 2 @Jayavarman @SeanFKennedy @QuickHead555 @goTBrays @warren2016 @victor1313 @TheLiberalKitten @Biden Should've Run @wolves @Socialist Bernie @Mordechai @michaelsdiamonds @chunkbuster11 @admin_270 @VanMav @pilight @Bruce Fischer @LegolasRedbard Okay, here is the first draft of candidates (all fictitious individuals) for this scenario: New California Progressive Party -President Ryan Colden - An Oakland-born U.S. Marine Corps captain before the secession of California and Nevada who was an activist for veteran rights and against unofficial "coerced religious envangelization" in U.S. Military ranks and U.S. military foreign policy and conduct, he was an active part of the movement around the secession and creation of the Republic of California, becoming the first commander of the Republic of California Armed Forces (RCAF), then a member of the Executive Council (the official term in the Constitution of the Republic of California for the Cabinet analog), holding the offices of State, Defense, and Justice at different points, then elected for the New California Progressive Party in 2044. He is running for re-election. -Mayor Anna Maria Alvarez - The sitting Mayor of Los Angeles and a major activist for development of infrastructure, nationalized healthcare and education, and improved standards of living. -Speaker Terri Freedman - The sitting Speaker of the California Assembly from Orange County, she is a strong supporter of developing derelict urban neighbourhoods and isolated desert and mountainous rural regions to bring prosperity across the country. -Mayor Jacob Silverstein III - Mayor of Carson City in the formerly separate State of Nevada and from a long family business history in both Hollywood and Casino entertainment, he seeks to tow the party line on internal improvement and living standards in the country, but mostly to make it the most attractive entertainment and tourism hub in the world. -Senator Gregory Patch - Formerly one of the three most dominant members of the decentralized Green Party of California before they agreed to merge with the New California Progressive Party in exchange for the latter pursuing ecological economic policies, and now a member of the California Senate, he is running for the New California Progressive nomination on a strongly ecologically-dominant platform. -Ms. Kelly Southwind - A retired media actress and producer, and now philanthropist and activist, she is running for the New California Progressive nomination based on very liberal and progressive social views. Pacific Liberty Party -Mayor Harold Grey - The Mayor of San Diego and a prominent voice and leadership figure in, and co-founder of, the Pacific Liberty Party who was the running mate in a joint ticket with the Pacific Rim Economist Party that lost to Colden in 2044, he is now running for the Pacific Liberty nomination in this election. -Senator Grace Vere - The heirless of a large landowning company that owns large swaths of rural, interior land with tens of thousands of leasing ranchers, miners, and other utilizers, she is running for the Pacific Liberty nomination largely against heavy land taxation and restrictions on land usage. -Senator James Harrison - The leader of the Jefferson Region Independence Movement, a non-partisan organization devoted to the separation of the northernmost counties from the Republic of California (but whose planned political fate after that is unclear), he is running for the Pacific Liberty nomination to advance his cause. -Imperial County Supervisor Kenneth Young - One of the members of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors, one of his biggest concerns is what he feels is the now more neglected border between the Republic of California and Mexico. -Chieftess Lynn Appodaca - The elected tribal chairwoman of the Tejon Indian Tribe of California and an advocate for both greater recognition of Native American lands within the Republic of California, as well as greater rights of all legitimate landowners over their own lands and hunting and fishing rights for all. -Mr. Chad Trevors - A freelance software designer, and alleged skilled hacker in his youth, Trevors carries the banner of many of the planks of the old Pirate Party International movement. Pacific Rim Economist Party -Mr. Victor Prince - The CEO and 38% shareholder of Virtuacom, a corporate consolidation of many California-based media and software firms, and easily the wealthiest man in the Republic of California and one of the top 20 richest peoples in the world 2048, is running for the nomination of the Pacific Rim Economist Party, a party he's previously been a major donor and endorser to since it's inception. -Mayor Dio Johnson - The Mayor of Las Vegas and a self-made billionaire, Johnson is running for the Pacific Rim Economist nomination as the main interior candidate for the party. -Senator Deborah Yekanochev - A California Senator from Monterrey, she is running for the Pacific Rim Economist nomination on a strongly fiscally-conservative and business-friendly platform, but, unlike the others running in her party, is economically nationalist and protectionist. -Ambassador Tony Sagawara - A Japanese-Californian economist born in San Francisco, and one of only two Ambassadors to Japan the independent Republic of California has ever had, Sagawara advocates pursuing the grand Pacific Pact - a large-scale Pacific Rim trade and defense agreement. -City Councillor Manuel Garcia - A member of the Los Angeles City Council representing a district heavy in retail, office space, and affluent businesspeople, Garcia, whose family has lived in California since before the Mexican War, is promoting an improved environment for business and development in the Republic of California's decaying urban centres. Party of Deseret and the Golden Gates -Senator William Brooks, jr. - A California Senator from a district representing a wide swath of rural, desert area of the formerly separate State of Nevada, and one of the current Quorum of Twelve and the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the senior-ranking member of that church in the Republic of California, he is running for the nomination of the religious fundamentalist, even apocalyptic, political alliance known as the Party of Deseret and the Golden Gates. -Rev. Jason Norman - The incredibly wealthy and highly exposed evangelical megachurch founder and leader of the California coastal area, the Golden Gates of Heaven Fellowship, is the other candidate for the nomination of the religious fundamentalist, even apocalyptic, political alliance known as the Party of Deseret and the Golden Gates, and the other half the party's leadership equation. Partido del Alto California y Nevada -Assemblywoman Juanita Delafuante - A labour union organizer, women's, youth's, and Hispanics' interests advocate, and former member of other socialist orgizations, she has won a seat in the California Assembly in a district in the "Los Angeles barrio" and now is running for the nomination of the first Presidential run of the Partido del California y Nevada. -Major Antonio Suerez - A retired officer in the RCAF, Suerez became involved in the early Partido del Alto California y Nevada largely because of his working class family and friends. He is now running for the nomination for the party's first Presidential run. -Mr. "Hector Samoza" - Hector Samoza is the assumed of alias of far-left-wing revolutionary and attempted insurgent leader Fernando Ribana, who was charged for treason and fled to various places in Latin America, and has now returned, with false, but convincing ID and plastic surgery, including altered fingerprints. Will cloak-and-dagger campaign gain any traction? Independent -Mr. Robert Davison - A former musician, actor, and producer, and then a complete convert to the Church of Scientology, skyrocketing quickly to it's upper ranks, this Independent candidate, obviously a face for Scientology, is running a well-funded and promoted campaign.
  5. That sentiment was actually Malcolm X, though put much more vehemently and vitriolically.
  6. Is the Radical Party a radical right-wing or a radical left-wing party, or just a radical reform/change party with an extreme mixed-bag platform?
  7. This brings to mind an interesting question I have been pondering for a while. Are the Republican and Democratic Parties of the United States truly political parties, by definition and in the classical sense anymore, or are they just permanent coalitions of separate allied de facto parties in an effective multiparty system that are not defined or differentiated by stated name, identity, or organization but exist unofficially?
  8. He was not the MOST socially conservative of Republicans. But, if he were, he would have never been elected Mayor of NYC in the '90's...
  9. Okay, Jeb...
  10. And speaking of the least (and worst) of all evils, some guy I've never heard of before from Saskatchewan named Andrew Scheer just won the Conservative leadership race. There's talk that he's a farther right-wing extremist than has ever been traditional for a leader of a major Canadian Federal Party...
  11. Is he REALLY that old?
  12. Paul vs. Fulani with the Democrats and Republicans trailing. Maybe even have Fulani pick up Jackson as veep...
  13. Understand, the 2015 election in Canada didn't bring out enthusiasm in me. Since Jack Layton, the last Federal party I could get any enthusiasm for and who has the greatest Federal NDP leader in terms of electoral success, died right after the party's greatest electoral victory in 2011, with the NDP becoming Official Opposition for the first time Federally (he died of prostrate cancer, a warning about the testing to the overwhelmingly male majority who posts on these threads), the leadership of the NDP fell into the hands Thomas Mulcair, who was an uncharismatic, boorish, dubious leader with a history of corruption and seemingly no real vision. So, when 2015 came around, in my mind, the authoritarian, manipulative, calculating, arrogant, paranoid Harper had to go, but I couldn't get behind Mulcair. So, I voted for Trudeau as a least of all evils candidate. However, his tenure has been lackluster and disappointing really. Not horrible or a disaster, I admit, and it's certainly a better alternative to Harper's, just a disappointment. It doesn't even bring out the strong emotions and opinions, however polarized, that his father's did. That's my opinion from Canada, to be frank.
  14. This would be a tricky map to made, but Philippine scenarios would be very interesting. There's a LOT of Philippine-Canadians in my home city, including one who talks about Philippine politics with me quite a bit, and he's from a non-Moslem part of Mindanao (didn't you say that's where you were from, or am I wrong?).
  15. But he called you a "Mongoloid!" Is a duel brewing? Just tell your President he was smuggling drugs into your country when you win...