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  1. will it be detailed in 2012?
  2. and NY was what?
  3. Indiana?
  4. How is it looking in october @Reagan04
  5. I'm guessing you won't be replicating my clean sweep of all the counties in New York here
  6. try to win New York for me.
  7. what does the senate election map look like?
  8. @Reagan04 is this being continued?
  9. For example, for a weimar 1933 campaign I developed an app that lets users see in real-time the seat numbers if they enter the popular vote numbers in. I'm asking if it was ok for users to bundle these apps with campaigns and if they could be used to implement these features into the core engine in the future.
  10. and very sadly those copies exist
  11. @wolves if the overseas constituencies are done I can look up the issues and do them for you.
  12. oh Sorry about that misunderstanding @koneke
  13. How is it unfair to Abbas? Palestinian media incitement against Israel is well documented here's another article confirming it's truth:
  14. something you all may want to see
  15. @Reagan04 it would have been great if Hillary used the oh you dirty boy part in a campaign ad.