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  1. @LokiLoki22 what do you think of my icons?
  2. Paterson: The pardon Oversight bill is designed to prevent the president from seizing legislative powers. Individual pardons were guaranteed the president by the constitution when he thinks pressing a case isn't in the interest of the country like Ford with Nixon. There is a difference between that and mass amnesty which is a congressional power. This bill will allow the Congress to potentially vote down mass pardons defined as more than 500 people by the bill.
  3. IK I just don't have $50 to pay right now for the base game and DLC
  4. Posts corrected
  5. (Sorry I find it very difficult to type on my tablets touchscreen)
  6. Paterson:Sen.Girth since the love wins bill is going nowhere let us retire it.
  7. OK since the love wins bill isn't going anywhere I want my pardon oversight act.
  8. The only reason it amends the civil rights act is to prevent a legal contradiction in which two laws conflict.
  9. My amendment to the civil rights act would do what your provision does but extend it to all private entities.
  10. Patterson:It was legalized in the Weimar republic and nothing happened because of it.
  11. Paterson:Sen.Girth( @Reagan04)I never justified it by a religous context or morally approved of it. I'm saying as long as an act doesn't harm anyone (Unlike things like abortion or the gender dysphoric people) it should be allowed.
  12. Paterson:Then just have the bill vote down and we won't discuss it anymore. CLOTURE.CLOTURE.CLOTURE
  13. @vcczar should have added that.
  14. Paterson:Cloture "He's stalling since he [Sen.girth] knows there's a good chance that the bill will pass.
  15. Well I don't know who has the game.