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  1. Cleveland Term, 1893-1897 1893 Cleveland and his new Vice President are inaugurated, but shortly thereafter wheat prices crashed and the Panic of 1893 began. Unemployment skyrocketed almost as quickly as Cleveland's approval collapsed. The President was shot after a meeting with John D. Rockefeller in New York City on May 8th. He did not die but was left more or less unconscious for the rest of the year. This triggered a Constitutional crisis, as the Vice President could only become President if the former President actually died, not if he was merely incapacitated. 1894 Cleveland's condition began to improve in the early parts of the year, while the economy did not. The President was able to be fully lucid for a short period of time at first, which gradually became longer throughout the year, though by the end of the year he still had not fully recovered. He was able to fulfill some of his duties, however; for instance, he fought off the silver standard and kept the government running by convincing robber-barons like Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan to buy millions in government bonds. The Democrats faced massive losses in Congress during the 1894 midterm elections, as expected. Midterms House: Republicans: 182 (up 78) Democrats: 175 (down 65) [Populists merge with Democrats immediately following the 1892 election) Senate: Republicans: 47 (up 21) Democrats: 41 (down 18) [Populists merge with Democrats immediately following the 1892 election) 1895 President Cleveland continues to improve his health. He no longer slips into unconsciousness, and he assumes more and more of his duties as time goes on. While the economy is slightly, slowly improving, the public feels that Democrats have done nothing to help them. Many go on strike, protesting poor working conditions and long workdays. Cleveland tries to change the tariff and institute an income tax of 2% on people who made more than $4,000 a year (a little over $100,000 in IRL 2017 money) but the income tax is struck down by the Supreme Court and the government loses even more money. The public is very unhappy with the Democrats, though they don't hate Cleveland as much anymore, as they see him as responsible for the Panic but not as much for the blunders that came afterwards (due to his incapacitation, he's not really responsible for that, and Americans know this). 1896 President Cleveland announces that he will not be running for reelection, and instead a young, charismatic William Jennings Bryan runs for the Democratic nomination instead. The Democrats are unpopular and divided between those in favor of the Gold Standard (such as President Cleveland) and those in favor of bimetallism (like Bryan). The economy is a little better but still sucks, and worker strikes continue throughout this year,
  2. Cleveland Cabinet, 1893-1897 President: Grover Cleveland Vice President: Adlai Stevenson I Secretary of State: Richard Olney Secretary of Treasury: John G. Carlisle Secretary of War: Daniel S. Lamont Attorney General: Judson Harmon Postmaster General: Wilson S. Bissell Secretary of the Navy: Hilary Herbert Secretary of the Interior: David R. Francis Secretary of Agriculture: Julius Morton
  3. I know, that's one of my favorite campaign song trivia facts. I will reveal my pick for national anthem later. What song do you propose, @Patine?
  4. I sense Bush/Bush 2000 is on the horizon...
  5. I just realized that since the War of 1812 never happened, neither did the writing of "Star Spangled Banner." So we don't have a national anthem. Songs I propose as the US national anthem: 1) America by Neil Diamond 2) What's Up by 4 Non Blondes 3) All Star by Smash Mouth 3) Careless Whisper by George Michael 4) New York State of Mind by Billy Joel 5) America by Simon and Garfunkel 6) Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen 7) Tiny Dancer by Elton John 8) Wanna Be Startin Something by Michael Jackson 9) Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye 10) Single Ladies by Beyoncé ()
  6. How about MD-1, 2, and 3?
  7. Uh don't you live in Texas, where it's currently 11:19AM?! A little early for that, no? JIMMY CARTER VOWS TO BRING BACK PROHIBITION, PENALIZE DRINKERS Former President Jimmy Carter gave a speech at a rally in Plains, GA today. "When I'm elected the 43rd President of the United States next November, I will abolish Congress and the Supreme Court (vesting their powers in the executive) and unilaterally amend the Constitution to ban all alcohol. I will also deport anyone who drinks even a drop of the stuff to the same place I'll deport that cardboard cutout Gore and that bully Trump: the USSR! I'd also deport all Republicans to the Republic of China after I make their party illegal, except Harold Stassen, who I would deport to Hell. Also, Bill Clinton is basically a terrorist, of the worst kind, even Gitmo isn't bad enough for him. I'd send him and his wife to Alcatraz, and deport his daughter to Yugoslavia!"
  8. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (2007-2011, 2015-), two heartbeats away from the Presidency.
  9. @SirLagsalott
  10. How? That wasn't Constitutionally possible until the 25th amendment was ratified in 1967, at least IRL. Was this added to the Constitution earlier in this timeline? (Just because I'm asking a lot of questions doesn't mean I don't love this, I'm trying for constructive criticism )
  11. Uhhh that's a photo of John Quincy Adams II, who won't even be born until 1833 Otherwise this is great so far
  12. I agree, as implied in the phrase you cut out of my quote:
  13. A word on results: I've kept them for every election. If you or anyone else wants any individual state's results from this or any other election, past or future, just ask and I will happily give them to you. Kansas was what I would call "moderately close" Kansas, 1892 Harrison: 102,899, 45.8% Weaver: 90,484, 40.3% Cleveland: 27,474, 12.2% Prohibition: 3,727, 1.7%
  14. Presidential Election of 1892: Wrap-Up Electoral map: Popular vote: Cleveland/Stevenson: 6,367,573, 54.1% Harrison/Lodge: 4,095,618, 34.8% Weaver: 1,079,946, 9.2% Prohibition party nobodies: 237,143, 2% (Played as: Cleveland) Congress House: Democrats: 240 (up 2) Republicans: 104 (up 18) Populists: 12 (up 4) Senate: Democrats: 59 (down 4) Republicans: 26 (up 3) Populists: 3 (up 1)
  15. At 12:13AM, the AP can call the entire 1892 Presidential election: Grover Cleveland has won a second term as President of the United States, after winning the Commonwealth of Virginia.