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  1. Polls look good going into the general election:
  2. 2020 Conventions Democratic: President Clinton is renominated, as is Vice President Castro. Republican: Contested, AGAIN. First Round: Hogan: 709 Cuban: 532 Abbott: 447 Sasse: 402 Cruz: 162 Baker: 123 Cotton: 96 Round 2: Cotton Eliminated, Endorses Abbott Hogan: 709 Abbott: 543 Cuban: 532 Sasse: 402 Cruz: 162 Baker: 123 Round 3: Baker Eliminated, Endorses Sasse Hogan: 709 Abbott: 543 Cuban: 532 Sasse: 525 Cruz: 162 Round 4: Cruz Eliminated, Endorses Abbott Hogan: 709 Abbott: 705 Cuban: 532 Sasse: 525 Round 5: Sasse Eliminated, Endorses Abbott Abbott: 1230 Hogan: 709 Cuban: 532 Round 6: Cuban Eliminated, Endorses Abbott Abbott: 1762 Hogan: 709 Republican Nominees: President: Greg Abbott Vice President: David French (LOL why?)
  3. Kanye West Announces Running Mate Kanye West has announced that his running mate is Rep. Francis Underwood (D-SC) actor Kevin Spacey. The duo are currently pulling 0.9% nationwide.
  4. Republican Primaries Finish Governor Larry Hogan won both a plurality of the delegates and of the popular vote, with 709 delegates and 19.4% of the vote (12,741,721) Mark Cuban is in second place as far as delegates go (532), and third place in the popular vote (17.4%, or 11,438,704 votes) Gov. Greg Abbott is in third place with regard to delegates (447), and fourth in the popular vote (16.2%, or 10,649,641 votes) Sen. Ben Sasse may be in second place as far as popular vote goes following his staggering upset victory in the California primary (he gained 21 points in a week) with 18.3% of the vote and 12,042,088 votes, he's in a measly fourth place at 402 delegates. Ted Cruz (162 delegates), Charlie Baker (123) probably won't survive a contested convention. Tom Cotton (96), in last place, definitely won't. Larry Hogan is projected by Larry Sabato to win the contested convention, though his horrible relations with every other candidate may prove him wrong. Mark Cuban has much better relations with everyone, though only time will tell...
  5. Austin Petersen Nominated by Libertarians 40 year old Austin Petersen has been nominated by the Republican party to be their candidate for President of the United States. He chose 39 year old Adam Kokesh. Due to the youth of this ticket, it may have appeal with younger voters; currently they're pulling 5.6% of the national popular vote.
  6. 2020 RNC Will Be Fourth Consecutive Contested Convention for Republicans After the Acela primaries, none of the Republican candidates can make it to 1,236, as there are 502 delegates remaining. Governor Hogan has 544 delegates currently, while Mark Cuban has 493 and Greg Abbott has 411. These are the only three who seem to have a shot at the presidency, though a contested convention could choose anyone...
  7. State of the Race: March 17, 2020 After a dissapointing Super Tuesday, where Mark Cuban won most states, Governor Hogan has surged in recent weeks (aided by mysterious ads against Cuban that definitely aren't paid for by the Clinton campaign), winning the Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio primaries, among others. Hogan has jumped to second place by popular vote and first place in delegates, though he is not currently projected to get a majority. If the election were held today, 47.7% of voters would choose President Clinton (352 EVs), while 43.1% would choose the Republican (186 EVs). 5.3% would choose a Libertarian, while 0.5% would choose Kanye West, and 3.6% are still undecided.
  8. Hogan and Cuban Tie in IA Mr. Mark Cuban has won 26.9% of the popular vote and 8 delegates in the Iowa caucus, while Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has won 26.8% of the vote, also winning 8 delegates.
  9. If only... Fun fact, my parents, even though they are in their mid-forties, would not have been alive during any presidential administration other than Ted Kennedy's.
  10. Surprisingly the only problem, I have with this is that you called Tom Perez a "far leftist" which I find hilarious, and that you think Al Franken would lose. Franken is an inoffensive Midwestern Senator with just enough political experience to not fail to govern well should he become President, but not so much that he seems tainted by the system. Not only that, but he's a funny guy who tens of millions remember from SNL. People like Al Franken. And, since he's a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, he's primed to have an economic message that resonates with Middle America. I don't agree that the Democrats should abandon social issues, but I do agree that they should definitely not make social issues their only platform planks (except for unrealistic pipe-dreams like universal healthcare and free college tuition).
  11. 1) Besides Anthony Weiner, Nancy Pelosi, or Clinton herself, I can't imagine a that the Democrats could even find anyone as bad as Clinton, though Tom Perez will undoubtedly try. #WeinerPelosi2020 (I was going to do a "#FeelThe____" with Weiner's last name but then I rethought it ) 2) At this rate Trump will not be hugely popular with anyone but his base, which means he definitely stands a chance of getting reelected but it's absurd to see it as a foregone conclusion (as, with all due respect, I feel vcczar is treating it). Time will tell and we have 2ish years before anyone announces anyway 3) I could see Kamala Harris being the 2020 equivalent of Barack Obama. Elizabeth Warren has potential. I think Dems would be best served by a Franken/Duckworth ticket. I see no appeal in Cuomo, like at all. Trump is already running for reelection, with the slogan "Keep America Great," which may be ironic in 3.5 years.
  12. Because maybe if he's similar to Hoover, then he'll get voted out in a landslide to a much better President in 3.5 years
  13. Quick comment to @admin_270: In the 2.5.4 beta, there's a bug where everyone always stays in until the convention, and if you try to offer them PIPs they'll always be at a -100% chance of taking it. Just thought I'd let you know, I have a feeling that's why the RNC's been contested in the last 3 elections and will most likely be contested this time too.
  14. OOC: oh yes I am, to an absurd degree
  15. Yeah right behind Charlie Baker. IIRC, Baker's at 75% approval and Hogan's at 74%.