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  1. First time a republican wins with out ohio.
  2. this is all bullshit
  3. in the primaary yeah but i think he is going to win a general trump isnt a good fit for trump that why he did so poorly.
  4. there is no cruz is going to lose in 2018 unless he is primary challenged.
  5. the rebels arent good guys that insupport of isis in some ways infact!
  6. austria use pr and going to have a election this fall how about that? if so would it be in pmi?
  7. Who was Huey Long?
  8. Could you upload a copy of your 2004 i would very much like to play that.
  9. We do it like how new york do it.
  10. Alot of people will vote for her just because of her gender and skin color.
  11. a crazy person. if you had the choice between her and your rob ford you vote for rob ford.
  12. This look like 2020 talk.
  13. could you add ron paul and russell means? and donald trump ( he was talk about candidate)