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  1. OOC: That was the most badass thing I've ever seen, I'm against background checks and a national firearms registry, but I'd definitely vote for that guy.
  2. Was looking at how people voted, and was surprised to see that @Patine said he was in favor of the pipelines. Was this an accidental click, or do you actually support it?
  3. 1. 15, but I literally turn 16 tomorrow. 2. Libertarian. I do tend to support Republicans more often than Democrats, except for local elections, in which I almost always vote Democrat. 3. Haven't yet voted, but my dad let me choose which candidates to vote for when he went out to vote.
  4. Best President to ever walk this Earth. Period.
  5. Eat your heart out Zuckerberg
  6. Jeb is a MESS Jeb is a WASTE Jeb Bush is the WEAKEST person on this stage BY FAR.
  7. I love Uncle Joe! I would vote Democrat irl if these were the choices.
  8. My bad. Didn't see your double post.
  9. bump
  10. I use OBS for recording videos. It failed to recognize the game window however. I might try but my laptop is kinda busted at the moment.
  11. Don't forget me! I would have more but I kinda went on a little hiatus for a couple months lol.
  12. Ohio here
  13. OOC: Wonder how this election will play out with religious voters on the Democratic side. In 2012 Obama actually won the Catholic vote. Wonder how it'll turn out with not one, but TWO gay candidates on the Democratic side. Can't wait!
  14. So I thought of an idea in the campaign editor for an "incumbent" option. Perhaps it could give the candidate certain bonuses or something. At the very least it should be implemented to change the end screen in let's say, a Trump 2020 scenario from, "TRUMP HAS BEEN ELECTED PRESIDENT" to "TRUMP HAS BEEN REELECTED AS PRESIDENT" Just a minor idea.
  15. Im surprised that President/VP combination was allowed lmao