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  1. That's a Robert E. Lee for me dawg
  2. Missing out my man.
  3. Absolutely agree with servo, private Space Exploration is the space exploration of the future, but SpaceX receives a large portion of its budget from NASA.
  4. Damn kids!
  5. Tl;Dr: Violates Space NAP. Earth gets strafed by E.T. McTomahawk Missles™
  6. Violates the NAP
  7. 16, yes, I understand that's still adolescence but I was being sarcastic with both of my responses.
  8. Boi I drank straight from a river as a kid and I turned out fine. @Patine thinks tap water is a bigger threat than terrorism.
  9. Servo, VcCzar, Reagan04
  10. Absolutely not.
  11. 1. Some Cases 2. Morally Wrong
  12. 🔥 🔥 🔥
  13. I watch CNN most of the time because it's more aesthetically pleasing to watch than Fox. I'm kind of pedantic with this stuff.