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  1. Results: Senate The Senate shifts only as red as the states that went for Richardson sending it 70-30
  2. Seeing as school will be done, it should be.
  3. Lost by 16 points, also, sorry, I didnt have time to put the detail in this time.
  4. Indiana was blue until 46% in!
  5. Results: President After a very close race, the President was re-elected winning by 2 points and 311-227.
  6. 6 PM We have seen considerable narrowing up to election day, the Republicans are expected to retain losses in the House, and perhaps the White House. As polls close, we'll get a better picture of how the nation is shaking up.
  7. Look to Mugabe for an example.
  8. Probably not
  9. New York is mad at me for dropping Pataki off the ticket and scooping up Lieberman.
  10. September 29th, 2008 Democratic nominee Governor Bill Richardson's campaign is in free-fall. The President is simply winning at the national level and the nation is happy, for the first time, a majority of voters think that nation is going in the correct direction. Current polls have the President leading 50-46 and 330-187.
  11. Democratic gains in CO,NM, OR,MN, and NH. GOP gains in MT, SD, AR, and LA. So netting only 1 for the Dems right now.
  12. September 15th, 2008 With the President's economy performing oddly well compared to the rest of the world, and the world of upper finance roaring, most Americans are content. Chafee leads 47-45 and 290-241. However, most Americans view the Red Congress unfavorably and many incumbents are looking at losing reelection.
  13. I swear you're magic. I am playing the game Right Now
  14. Any time
  15. Second one, and the nation is better for it, the market of ideas is a precious gift, and we stick to those likeminded, even when we disagree.