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  1. are play by play or scenario to download too?
  2. if you like people test your scenario upload in
  3. PVV are most hated party among all others partys or have one party with like make coalition with PVV?
  4. Netherlands Need Wilders for P.M
  5. Gingrich Campaigns in Nevada,Tennessee,Kentucky and Florida family values reforms in tax,healthcare
  6. very good more partys than the other
  7. i released alternative version balanced to play
  8. and have great number of missing users conservative elector are one of remain
  9. lol i don't have russian for pf08 i created based in 08 from first president forever and edited results based in wiki
  10. Newt Gingrich Rallies In Ohio,Pennsylvania and Wisconsin the guns right economic and others conservatives issues
  11. french elections and latin american presidentials after second round released
  12. thanks i will make 1996 needed detailed results and i will create soon one fictional russia balanced
  13. updated
  14. and Medveded
  15. i will need find results i like create this and i will create one fictional with balanced results of recent election