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  1. i will update poland for popular vote and others updates i work in others countrys scenarios and update poland soon
  2. good thanks
  3. good you fix endorses for my too?
  4. you create new date primaries and dont works primaries?
  5. I play as Reagan
  6. yep i will update that errors or dated i used 72 originals and 80 originals [ more hard because have much errors]
  7. hi what scenarios have this errors ?
  8. copy ads from recent scenario its more easy
  9. in 2 my vote go to carter
  10. both are update now
  11. lol what you make to happens that?
  12. campaigns

    good i like play this scenario
  13. now 84 primaries works
  14. good works but to beat reagan in this scenario only with ''cheats'' the platform of ferraro are right??
  15. sorry 84 have errors in primarie democrats but i upload tomorrow