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  1. POWELL RESPONDS TO INTER-PARTY ATTACKS, DEBATES, CABINET PICKS IN TEXAS, FLORIDA, MISSOURI "Trump's unnecessary attacks against members of his party do nothing to help him or the country, and it's this kind of childish bickering that wouldn't be unexpected in one of the major parties. Now, I'm glad to hear the Democratic Party might be seriously considering having an actual debate. It's disgraceful that they originally planned to have none at all, especially in a party that named itself after the concept of Democracy. And if the Democratic Party refuses to have a debate, by God, I'll host it myself. The voters of the United States need to hear from the people they are considering voting for. If that's not bad enough, the CPD's 15% rule designed to shut out third parties is still in place this year. But the threshold for matching funds is 5% of the popular vote. How ridiculous is it that it's easier to secure taxpayer funding than it is to speak to the people? It should be easier to get into the debates, and to let people decide before any matching funds are given. Additionally, there's the drama with the candidates discussing cabinet picks and VP choices. The fact is, the way things are today will most certainly not be the same way they are on January 20. This is not something that should be rushed to, you are literally entrusting an entire function of our government in someone that you found just weeks after announcing a presidential run."
  2. I have but have never played either.
  3. @President Garrett Walker Please make another one of those Spongebob mocking memes for this
  4. Is this scenario would the CSA have eventually outlawed slavery? While it would happen much later than the US did I could realistically see it happen in the early 1900s.
  5. Well the strategy is up to you, I recommend focusing on states you can win or get a significant amount of delegates from.
  6. You double click on the state and choose Get On Ballot which is next to target. It costs 5 CPs in a week.
  7. I was surprised by this post because I didn't think I was having the same issue. But when I played the official 2017 again I realized you were right. I played two consecutive weeks with a lot of momentum and got no interviews. @admin_270
  8. POWELL CAMPAIGNS ACROSS CALIFORNIA: VISITS FRESNO, SACRAMENTO, LOS ANGELOS "The Reform debate from the other night was a milestone in third party progress, the beginning of a new era in American politics. No matter who is nominated by the Reform Party, we will have an impact. But we need more than an impact. We need someone who can win, who can take the message of reform and new ideas to the White House. It's time for change. And I will be that change. Remember to vote on March 7 in the primary, and then on August 11th for the official selections. Thank you, and God bless you."
  9. I'm really proud of this bit actually
  10. I'm interested. Don't use though, if you're not going to put it on the Campaigns page yet I recommend dropbox because it is ad-free.
  11. Yeah it's a mess
  12. If I had CI I'd probably make it in that. There's not a big difference anyway, just that instead of playing a party the player will be the respective legislative leaders. That's among the reasons why I haven't started yet.
  13. I'm interested in playing it especially if PR is implemented. I know almost nothing about the politics of Israel, however.
  14. PI: -Virginia 2017 gubernatorial (on hold) -Secret project (on hold) -Virginia 2018 senatorial (after 2017 is done) PMI: -Virginia 2017 legislative (haven'f started, planning) -Secret project (on hold)