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  1. Seigle R- NY: I vote no. While the United States government can be used a force for good, this bill I fear may not. The United States AG office, under Ford, filed numerous lawsuits against many businesses in the American south for violating the Civil Rights Act- and it has been nearly 12 years since the passage. The language of the bill is too vague for an issue that so few Americans care about, which will lead to wonder how effective it'll be. And in conclusion, I vote no. Ooc: when do we start confirming Carter's cabinet, and who will be Senate majority leader?
  2. Seigle R- NY: if you want out, by all means. It means no access to world class Universities, no access to the American market, no access to the American military, all debts must be paid in full by the time you leave. You must set up a new government, and negotiate treaties with other nations- many are our allies -and I'll advise President Carter to insure they won't even trade a can of tuna with you. But I guess, you want the vote. I guess Alaska should. Now the constitutional issue on legality. Texas v White states a state cannot unilaterally leave the Union. Are you advocating for something that is in clear violation of the Supreme Court?
  3. Seigle (R - NY): with all do respect, the ability to form and participate in a union is a right that's protected in our right to assemble. With regards to the minimum wage, I believe that any worker- from the sanitation workers to the investors on Wall Street should be paid a wage to live on. If your business cannot support the minimum wage- the price floor-, I have no sympathy if you go bankrupt. With regards to protect women and minorities, the government has a role in protecting their jobs, when we consider that for almost the entirety of our nation they were excluded from many jobs. I feel I should make a counter offer: Private corporations can follow your bill, but they cannot violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act ( firing someone for being black, or being Jewish, and so on), but due to work habit.
  4. We already have two PA senators, I recommend picking another state. Glad you want to join though!
  5. Seigle (R- NY): in response to "Right to Operate" bill, will this comply with the federal minimum wage? Will this comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Does it allow unions to organize? The anti discrimination legislations passed during the FDR administration? If you answer no to any of the questions, I cannot on good conscience back this bill.
  6. Seigle (R - NY): I'm from Brooklyn, my colleague Patterson is from Queens, both in New York City. Our city flag is orange and blue. Some of Our parks name's have Dutch origins; same with our waterways and streets. Why? Much like Alaska, we weren't originally English, it was forced upon the Dutch colony to join the crown. Should NY vote to rejoin the Netherlands, or be independent? No. I understand the history that Alaska has, an imperfect one, yet you need to understand Senator, it is easier to change within than within out of the United States. The Constitution, in all of its flaws and glory, has an article written for states like yours: states that don't feel fairly represented. The article I'm talking is about the creation of the legislative branch. Each state has an equal voice in the Senate: from myself, to you, to the god awful segregationist. Use your equal power to better the state and nation, not weaken it. And if you think leaving the largest economy, military, and democracy while being nextdoor to the Soviet Union will better your state than you and I have differing views on what's good for the nation.
  7. If Tillerson resigns, who is willing to be in the Trump administration yet able to be confirmed by the Senate?
  8. Ralph Nader withdraws from the race, but vows to not stop the fight.
  9. Siegle (R- NY): with all do respect, is disobedience free speech? If we write a law granting clemency towards the draft dodgers, what's to prevent from someone from interpreting this bill to expand to another facet of our life? Freedom of speech for me could be treating every session of the Senate as it's a closed door session, and blab secrets to the ABC cameras.
  10. Hey, another New Yorker in this RP! And he's a Rockefeller Republican. Looking forward to caucusing with you.
  11. Does the app round up, with a bias towards the larger parties? Or down to benefit the smaller parties? Either than that, looks great!
  12. If you stay as a Democrat, how did you vote on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965? Only one southern Democrat voted yes for those bills, a Texan named Ralph Yarborough.
  13. (tired of playing as Democrats, want to see how I'll do across the aisle) Name: David Siegle State: New York Party: Republican Senator being replaced: Charles Goodel. Barely beating James Buckley in 1970 (36%,35.4%). Platform: Pro ERA. Pro EPA. Staunch anti- communist. Socially liberal, moderate on economic issues ( pro union, yet believes in private Enterprise overseas and want to expand our ability to trade through lower tariffs). Born 1923(age 53), a graduate of Columbia University, and a Korea War vet. A member of the New York City council from 1952-57. New York AG 57-66. US Congressman man 66-68. Currently junior Senator 68-76. One of the last remaining liberal Republicans, Seigle believes that this wing can either "die with dignity, or fight to reclaim the party" from moving too far to the right. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Seigle saw first hand of the corruption of the Democratic machine, vowed to combat corruption. Despite being Jewish, Seigle is viewed as an equal in a party synonymous with WASPs. As the election of 76 comes to a close, Seigle - a draft Rockefeller supporter- decided to reluctantly back Ford; fearing that a southerner could undo the recent legislations regarding civil rights.
  14. Damn shame for the senator. I will still admire him for not giving into xenophobic rhetoric when a supporter of his 2008 campaign said Obama is an Arab. To which he said he is just a good man that I just happen to disagree with.
  15. So George Washington wasn't a political leader, huh. My understanding of American history has been changed.