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  1. Sen. Jackson Appears in South Carolina; Endorsed by Trey Gowdy Sen. Jackson campaigned in Edgefield, Spartanburg, Laurens, Camden, and Bennettsville over 2 days. There he continued to speak about terrorism, stopping the Washington machine, and securing the border. The Senator was joined by Rep. Trey Gowdy. Rep. Gowdy enthusiastically endorsed Sen. Jackson citing his commitment to upholding the law and the Constitution, securing the border, and defeating ISIS. Trey Gowdy: “Sen. Jackson has my vote. He has shown that he is not afraid to protect the Constitution. He is also committed to keeping his promises to the voters which is something that doesn’t happen very often in Washington these days. I have seen his fights, and I can guarantee that he always has the American people in mind. Another thing that is important is his commitment to defeating ISIS. They have declared war on America, and we will defeat them. I trust Sen. Jackson as the Commander in Chief. Finally, he has committed to secure the border which is allowing illegal immigrants, drugs, illegal guns, etc. to flow into the country. This must stop, and Sen. Jackson will make sure that this problem is addressed. I hope all of you will consider my friend and fellow member of Congress Sen. Mark Jackson for President of the United States of America.” The crowd was enthusiastic and loved having Trey Gowdy at the events. After each of them, the Senator and Re. Gowdy met with the crowd, take some pictures, and signed some autographs.
  2. That will be interesting. I will definitely play it once released.
  3. I would vote for Fillon because I would prefer a Fillon-Le Pen 2nd round. I would probably vote for Fillon in the second in that case. I would vote for Le Len if she was facing Macron.
  4. I would be against some things like cloning and cyborgs, but things like moon colonies wouldn't be bad, if ever possible. Virtual democracy would be very scary.
  5. Sen. Jackson in South Carolina Sen. Jackson continued campaigning in South Carolina in Rock Hill, Greenville, Anderson, and Aiken. In Rock Hill, the Senator spoke to students at Winthrop University and students at Furman when in Greenville after his rallies. He spoke about stopping the establishment, or as he put it “The Washington Machine,” and stopping terrorism. At the universities, Sen. Jackson spoke about the college experience and the importance of having a strong economy for graduates. The people were welcoming to his message and were most enthusiastic when he spoke about defeating ISIS. “ISIS is the enemy of the US, and we need someone who is not afraid to name the enemy as President. I will say radical Islamic terrorism if that is the case. Some people are too entrenched in the political correctness crowd to even name the enemy. These are the same people who are afraid to use the words illegal immigrants. Unlike the Washington Machine, I will tell the people how it is. If it is the truth, I do not care if it is politically correct or not. The people deserve someone who will tell the truth how it is.” Afterwards, Sen. Jackson met with the crowds.
  6. Sen. Jackson Campaigns in South Carolina Sen. Jackson had a few campaign stops today in South Carolina. The cities he visited where Charleston, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Sumter, and Columbia. There, he spoke about his support for the military, taking on the establishment, and terrorism. After his last stop of the day in Columbia, the Senator met with Sen. Tim Scott, Gov. Nikki Haley, Rep. Trey Gowdy, and former Sen. Jim DeMint. He spoke to them about his support of the Constitution, his commitment to upholding the law, his support for reducing the power of the federal government, and his commitment to fighting terrorism. “I have tons of respect for the men and women who put themselves at risk to keep our great country safe. It is only right for us to take care of those that put their lives on the line once they retire. As President, I would make sure that vets can see the doctor of their choice. I am also committed to supporting our troops in the battlefield. The generals will have the resources to get the job done. We will declare war on ISIS, and they will be defeated. They have declared war on the Western World, and we must fight back. Any American would pledges allegiance to a radical Islamic terrorist organization and/or goes to fight for one should forfeit American citizenship. If they join our enemy, then they have no place in America. I also want to speak about Federal power. I want to make sure that the people of South Carolina have the ability to make policy decisions for themselves. The local people should choose the local education policy and curriculum. The federal government has no place in telling the people of South Carolina how they should educate their kids. As President, I will make sure to give power back to the states in local matters which should have stayed with the states. Also, I know mny of you are upset about politicians of both parties making promises while campaigning and doing the opposite once they get into power. I am also upset with that. During my time in politics, I have made it a priority to keep the promises that I make to the voters. It is irresponsible to shun the people who elect public officials. I will make sure to take on the establishment and push through my agenda. The people will be a main driving force behind getting my solutions enacted into law. I want to serve the American people, whether you agree with me or not on the issues. If I get the privilege of becoming President, I will not forget the people who elected me.” Sen. Jackson met with the crowd at each of his stops. He also made sure to shake the hands of all the military personnel and vets that attended the rally and to thank them for their service.
  7. Sen. Jackson Campaign in Texas; Meets with Sen. Cruz and Gov. Abbott Sen. Mark Jackson campaigned in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Waco, Texas. There he spoke about the need for a strong border, reductions of government regulations, and giving power back to the states. He also stopped at the Universities in each of the cities and spoke to students briefly [(San Antonio – University of Texas at San Antonio), (Houston – University of Houston), (Austin – University of Texas at Austin), and (Waco – Baylor University). On the college campuses, he spoke about the importance of a strong economy for college graduates. In both his rallies and meetings with college students, his message was pretty well received. On his way to Texas, the Senator talked on the phone with Sen. Cruz and Gov. Abbott about things like reducing federal power and securing the border. Sen. Cruz joined Sen. Jackson in his stops in Houston, and Gov. Abbott joined the Senator in his stops in Austin. Both Sen. Cruz and Gov. Abbott spoke highly of Sen. Jackson’s record in Congress and as governor. They also praised the Senator’s commitment to securing the border and reducing the power of the federal government. Both came close to an endorsement which is a good sign for Sen. Jackson. Sen. Cruz: “We need more people like my friend and colleague Sen. Mark Jackson in Washington. He is deeply committed to protecting the Constitution in every battle. I stood with him as I helped stop government intrusion on American citizens. Based on his record and success, Sen. Jackson would make a great President.” Gov. Abbott: “Sen. Jackson was a successful governor of Kentucky, and now he is campaigning for President of the United States. He is committed to giving more power to the states. As attorney general and governor of Kentucky, he had to spend lots of time fighting federal overreach. Sen. Mark Jackson is someone who I would trust with the powers and responsibility of being President.” Sen. Jackson: "Thank you all for coming out. It is an honor to have these huge crowds at my events. As President, I will stand for the people against the establishment who don't always have the people's interests in mind. I will make sure that the federal government gives power back to the states. For far too long, the feds try and suck up all the power that they can get at the expense of the people and the states. That will stop under a Jackson administration. I am also committed to securing the border. Illegal immigrants are taking American jobs, drugs are pouring in and hurting thousands of families, and black market merchandise is smuggled across. This must end, and it WILL be one of my priorities if I have the privilege of becoming President of the United States." There was a large turnout at every stop and the crowds loved Sen. Jackson's message.
  8. Sen. Jackson Campaigns with the Sununu’s in New Hampshire; Speaks with Students Today, Sen. Jackson campaign in Newport, New Hampshire. There, he continued to campaign on his promises to secure the border, to work to help end the drug epidemic, and to make sure that rural America is not forgotten any longer. As he always does, he met with the crowd and then the victims of the drug influx before leaving. Afterwards, he had his meeting with the Sununu’s in Concord. It lasts for about an hour. Among the things talked about where the drug problem, the Supreme Court, the Constitution, the southern border, and tax reform. Once the meeting concluded, Sen. Jackson held a rally in Concord. The Sununu’s each had a little bit of speaking time at the rally. While not officially endorsing the Senator, they each had kind words. John H. Sununu spoke about Sen. Jackson’s commitment to appointing a justice to the Supreme Court that would protect the Constitution similar to the likes of Justice Scalia and Chief Justice William Rehnquist. “Sen. Jackson promised that he would seek to find Supreme Court Justices that protect the Constitution and seek to prevent judicial tyranny that has come about these days.” John E. Sununu spoke about the Senators commitment to securing the Southern border and working to get the economy on track. “Sen. Jackson has fought hard in the Senate to protect the people. He is committed to securing the southern border which allows drugs and illegal immigrants to flood across. Sen. Jackson will also create an environment where businesses can succeed and compete with each other.” Chris Sununu spoke about Sen. Jackson’s commitment to stopping the drug epidemic. “Sen. Jackson has promised me, the people of New Hampshire, and the people of the United States that he would make stopping the drug epidemic, which has hit so many of our families so hard, a priority if elected President. I trust him to keep that promise.” They stuck around as the Senator made a few comments of his own. He affirmed the promises that each of the Sununu’s talked about and spoke a little about his experience with the drugs in Kentucky. Sen. Jackson also spoke positively about Chris Sununu’s candidacy for governor and stated that he would do a great job. Afterwards, all four of them met with the crowd before leaving. Sen. Jackson then went and addressed students at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. He spoke to them about his time in law school as well as the importance of the judicial system in the United States. The Senator also spoke about his time as Attorney General of Kentucky and his duties in that role. After his address, he met with some of the students personally before heading out to speak to student at the University of New Hampshire in Durhan. There, he spoke about his time in college and the importance of a college education. Sen. Jackson also spoke about his goal of working with state governors to reduce in state tuition. He also spoke to the students about civil liberties and the importance of protecting the Constitution. Like the other universities that Sen. Jackson has visited, the students enjoyed the speech and were favorable to the Senator's message.
  9. At the beginning of my post, I said right now. Of course a lot could change in 20 years, but right now, those results would not happen.