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  1. Brexit is nonbinding. But, if Brexit wasn't respected, UKIP would skyrocket in the polls and have the chance to become the leading party in Parliament. So, while they do not technically have to follow the result, they have to if they want to keep their power. The EU has expanded beyond its original purpose. The British people made a great decision that they will not regret once done. They will get their borders back from a bureaucratic mess which will help prevent terrorists from entering the country. They will also be able to make independent trade deals with countries such as the US. The Common Market was a great idea to work towards a freer European market. But, the EU has perverted that goal and is trying to establish a USE. It is taking away national sovereignty. If it continues, the EU will fall apart. Macron is making the same mistakes as others have with his efforts to give the EU more power. He should learn from the 35% that voted for the FN and the even higher Eurosceptic vote in the first round. If he doesn't change, the Eurosceptics will gain ground because the same deserter will continue. You won't be laughing for long, just as the politicans in the European Parliament were not laughing at Nigel Farage for long. It is not utter crap. That is an ignorant claim to make. Nice job trying to connect it to racist governments. That is always a "great" argument. Like previously stated, the Founders also protected against the tyranny of s strong minority. Rights are protected in der the Constitution and cannot be voted away by 50% + 1 of the population. Also, the term "tyranny of the majority" represents the potential for tyranny. The system is designed to prevent that. It isn't calling the majority of the population tyrants.
  2. 1969: Soviet-Chinese relations have broken down. US officials have approached China with the goal of gaining starting diplomatic relations with the Chinese. This has halted nuclear talks once again. Calls for rebellion are growing inside the USSR. Nationalist groups have been growing in number in many former countries that have been absorbed into the Soviet bloc. Many in the US government wish to support the potential rebels, but the public is split on actions within the Soviet Union. Congress and the Wallace administration are starting to take action on the CIA matter. Legislation is starting to take shape that would give Congress more oversight of CIA actions. Wallace has started meetings with the CIA director and is considering executive action to make sure he is notified of covert operations that are performed. Neil Armstrong lands on the moon. Wallace declares the US the victor of the space race.
  3. 1968: Wallace is able to push through a border plan that would tighten the border to prevent illegal crossings. It increased the number of border patrol agents. Additionally, it started a task force designed to find ways that immigration law could be enforced more effectively. Negotiations with the Soviets have started to gain some ground. The allies of the respective countries have helped to break the standstill. There have been reports that are damaging to the CIA and their operations. Wallace has pledged to look into the reports and take necessary action. Congress has also established a committee to investigate potential abuses of power by members of the organization. Vietnam has been captured by Communist forces. Some are blaming Wallace for withdrawing US troops while others say that this was inevitable. Reports of conflict between the Soviets and the Chinese have been reported. There hasn't been a reason, but some in the US wish to use this as a way to divide the Communist forces. Further, there are rumors that rebellion might be close in some Soviet states. Economic reports look good for the administration. Jobs are up and the economy is growing. Economists are saying that tax cuts were a big part in these results. There is a push inside Congress to further reduce taxes. Additionally, some economists are pushing for a reduction in regulations on businesses, but this hasn't gained nearly as much momentum.
  4. Looks good. Also, I came up with another potential party idea. There could be a nationalist party in Nevada wishing for its separation from California and the establishment of an independent country.
  5. If that is the system in placer, then that is what must be followed. I wouldn't be in favor of a national referendum or popular vote for the Presidential election because of the potential for tyranny of the majority. But, the national referendum is in place in the UK, and the result must be respected. Whether I agree with the method or not, the election must be respected.
  6. Merkel has been a disaster for Germany. She has totally dropped the ball in terms of the refugee crisis. She has also pushed for a stronger EU which goes against national sovereignty. This is a push for a USE (united States of Europe). Macron has also started to push for more EU powers which I don't think will be accepted in France.
  7. May has done well so far. How she delivers Brexit will have a huge impact on my opinion. If she goes through with a complete Brexit, then it will solidify my support. But if she pursues a semi-Brexit, then my opinion will go down. The people voted to take their country back. A semi-Brexit would be a slap in the face to the people's vote. The first outcome would probably lead to UKIP being absorbed into the Tory ranks. The second outcomes would probably lead to a second UKIP rise.
  8. I'll take suggestions for how to improve my 1824 scenario.
  9. Don't judge, but I didn't know what that meant.
  10. I was referring to the US, but that is true. Also, China didn't have the benefit of a Marshall Plan to help recover from the devastation of WW2 and the civil war.
  11. WW2 was the reason the Depression ended.
  12. I'd like to see 2001 in order to try and knock labor out of the government. I always appreciate a good challenge.
  13. Leadership: 4 Experience: 4 Integrity: 4 Issue Familiarity: 4/4 Charisma: 2 Stamina: 4 Debating: 4/4 Ideologue: 4 Ambition: 5 Command: 2/2 Strategic: 3/3 Ads: 3/3 Spin: 2/2 Fundraising: 3/3 Research: 2/2 Polling 3/3 Ground: 4/4 Corruption: 2
  14. Whoops, forgot to change that. I'll edit the post.