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  1. Sen. Smart Responds to Sen. Seigle: The people of New York where given the opportunity or not to join the US when the Constitution of the US was sent to the states for ratification. The people of New York where not forced to join the United States. I am interested in giving the people of Alaska a voice in their future. The great people of Alaska have voice their want for a referendum through the last few elections. Honor the will of the people and give them the say that Alaskan's should have had.
  2. He has a large amount of experience because of his time as CEO of EXXON. Its a lot better than some politician. He has experience of being top negotiator. Those are qualifications that I want in the Secretary of State.
  3. Rush was talking about this last week. It is pretty silly to have slavery around to this day.
  4. Sen. Smart: I appreciate Sen. Sledge's support. I agree that other states, such as Hawaii, should have a binding self-determination if they were not given a voice when the process was shoved through the process. For this reason, I helped establish a sister party in Hawaii which is pushing for a referendum there as well. We can give the people a real choice right now.
  5. It would be bad if Tillerson resigns. He is one of the best people for the job. It will be difficult to find someone of his caliber to replace him.
  6. OOC: I was thinking that when it was brought up. If hypothetically passed, it would make the US (in this scenario) the first country to do it.
  7. Sen. Smart introduces a bill that would allow the Alaskan people to have a binding referendum on the status of Alaska. "The people of Alaska were not given a chance to have a say in their future. They were forced to accept an outcome rammed through without proper insight from the people. The people deserved a vote on their future. They still deserve a vote. This bill will give the people what they deserve. It is supported by the governor of Alaska, the at-large Representative from Alaska, and many of the members of the state legislature. The rising popularity of the Alaskan Independent Party shows the people's support for a referendum. I urge the Senate to give the go ahead for the Alaskan state government, which is led by the Alaskan Independent Party at the moment, to hold a binding referendum on the status of Alaska.
  8. I was half joking, half serious. I like the term used in the description (Commie-lite). He was authoritarian during his time as leader of his own Louisiana political machine. And, his policies were definitely bordering the Socialism/Communism territory.
  9. There goes the country down the Commie toilet
  10. Question: What did this have to do with the topic at hand?
  11. To be fair; Communists and Fascists are actually pretty similar in ideology. Both want massive intrusion into people's lives. Both want an economy run by the government. Both usually lead to mass murder (because of tyranny). The one bug thing that separates them is Fascism relies on extreme nationalism while Communist relies on the opposite.
  12. 1976 Na
  13. 1. Did the French and British not divided the Middle East among themselves in this alternate history? 2. Did/Is the Spanish Civil War (going to) happen?
  14. Ross Perot campaigns in Arizona on illegal immigration and NAFTA Perot speaks about business climate and the economy in Texas Perot speaks in Maine about rural infrastructure and job opportunities
  15. The update has been released. The entire state senate has been added to the endorsers list. Some events have been added. Ashley Judd has been added (her percentages, like the other what-ifs, have not been set yet). A few modifications have been done on the interviewers.