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  1. Whoops, I read that wrong. I am going to look back and put my choice in comments.
  2. This was tough because there are a few combinations that I like.
  3. What is the Confederacy's position on the events in Europe and the Pacific?
  4. I could attempt to help. I have not even tried a full scale map creation, but there is a first for everything. @Conservative Elector 2 seems to be able to find suitable maps.
  5. I would prefer the system know as a "jungle primary" be implemented everywhere because it is more representative of the people. The Senate election in California this past cycle ended up being between 2 Democrats. And, a House election in Louisiana ended up being between 2 Republicans.
  6. I wish I could, but I have to attend a scholarship competition on that day. I have only watched Obama's second although I really should go on YouTube and watch some more historical ones. I am feeling positive about this since Obama is finally gone. My optimism about Trump has increased since the election.
  7. There was a pretty sizable support for the Nazi party in the US at the time all around the country. There were even organizations who has the equivalent of Storm troopers ready. Although Pelley would probably run in this scenario as well, he would probably still have little support as he did in real life when he ran.
  8. March 2019 A bipartisan bill putting extreme sanctions on Russia in response to its recent aggressions has reached President Biden's desk and has sign it. Many in the public approve of this decision although some question how effective the sanctions will be.
  9. February 2019 Russia has continued operations in Georgia and has expanded its funding of Ukrainian rebels. They are also funding insurgents in Estonia. Many countries are denouncing these actions, but not much can be done.
  10. January 2019 As the beginning of the next election comes near, the Republican majority has sent bill repealing and replacing Obamacare to President Biden's desk. As expected, Biden vetoed the bill and called for Republicans to move past partisan agendas in order to better the country.
  11. Ya, I remember. http://www.270towin.com/maps/MYGGB Here is the map that I got with Rubio as my running mate. But, the race was super close in a few states and the election could have ended up like this. http://www.270towin.com/maps/DXwPp
  12. Ah. I missed that because I am used to the regular game. new question: Which alternate universe is the Green Party winning Utah in?
  13. Just because evil dictators have done something doesn't mean every attempt to keep unions in check is part of a fascist scheme.
  14. Arkansas went green. Which other world is this in?
  15. How is making it so a person who doesn't want to be a part of a union doesn't have to be in the union violate their right to assembly. This isn't banning unions just ending the practice of FORCED unionization.