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  1. I agree with previous statements. I was looing foreword to one but am glad that it isn't happening right now. Maybe things will change in the future, but updates to President Infinity such as favorability and a complete popular vote features are things that would be nice before anything new is attempted.
  2. Sen. Jackson Campaigns in New Hampshire Sen. Jackson had events in Nashua and Concord today in support of Sen. Ackerman. “In February, I promised to return to New Hampshire in order to win it in the general election after I won this great state in the primaries. Now, I am fulfilling this promise. Sen. Ackerman and I are both committed to only making promises that we can keep and keeping promises that we make. I am honored to have been chosen as Sen. Ackerman’s VP candidate in this historic election. We are running on a ticket of change. For the last 8 years, the economy has been stagnant, drugs continue to flood across the border, and the world has become more dangerous. Sen. Ackerman and I are committed to restarting the economy through the reduction of taxes and regulations. We are committed to naming and fighting our enemy in radical Islamic terrorism. Another thing that we will do is work to secure the border with Mexico. For 30 or more years, politicians on both sides have promised to do something about the border only to do nothing after getting elected. That WILL change if the people elect Sen. Ackerman as President and Sen. Mark Jackson as VP. If you want people in the White House that work for the people and have the people’s best interests in mind, then vote for the Ackerman/Jackson ticket.” Afterwards, Sen. Jackson met with the crowds before meeting with the Sununu family.
  3. Ya, the only way that could happen is if there is a huge rise in discontent against Parliament.
  4. If that and Sinn Fein wins all of Northern Ireland's seats, the pro-independence forces would have 117 seats. The only coalition possible would be a grand coalition.
  5. As the SNP, I was able to win every seat in Scotland. I outperformed in seats even though I was a little behind in percentage and popular vote.
  6. I am in favor of the first recommendation made by @servo75. I believe this is the better of the 2 proposals for making the House of Representatives more representative of the people. I am also in favor of the fourth recommendation. The bureaucracy has gotten out of control, and agencies, such as the EPA, have put over bearing regulations. These agencies cannot be controlled by the public and have way too much power. I am against the 2nd proposal. The system was designed to make it hard to make massive changes. The veto is part of that. Plus, the veto is a part of the checks and balances that are needed to keep the government in check.
  7. I second that motion
  8. Under regions, you can set the party that is the incumbent (won last election). This way the player can see swings.
  9. Sen. Jackson Acceptance Speech "Thank you to Sen. Ackerman for taking into account the millions of supporters that my campaign had and still has. He has shown that he cares about the people and party unity. Sen. Ackerman has shown that he can be trusted with the highest office in the land. The people can trust him. Now, we must move onto the general election. We have a tough battle leading up to the election in November. This campaign is about changing the failed policies of the last eight years. It is about restarting the economy after years of stagnation. It is about recognizing our enemy in radical Islamic terrorism. It is about fighting for the American people. Sen. Ackerman and I will make sure that Americans are put first again. Jump onto this campaign if you wish to see change, a vibrant economy, a safe America, and the people put first. This campaign welcomes people from all walks of life and varying positions on the political spectrum. This is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people. Remember that when you vote. Thank you and God bless the United States."
  10. Kentucky in Jessamine County (right next to Fayette).
  11. You forgot a none of these option in each of the sections
  12. And @Reagan04 who has been here even less than us.
  13. I support the section 1 and 3 recommendations made by @pilight. They would promote openness in the government as well as help solve the debt crisis. I support the first part of @Sunnymentoaddict's proposal but oppose the intent runoff requirement. While a good idea, this should be done at the state level. I oppose @vcczar's recommendation because I believe in the equal representation of the states in the Senate. I also am not a fan of national senators because of the risk of uncontrolled growth in the Senate.
  14. Ah, so the bureaucracy makes the choice.