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  1. Yeah, those are good. I also want to add, "Trump tells impeachment committee that he doesn't know Jared Kushner very well." For the most part @SirLagsalott and @republicaninnyc and @Patine are events for Democrats. My current scenario is very Trump-heavy for events.
  2. Below, please post any events that you could see the news report about any of the following candidates. Please both good and bad events. Donald Trump John Kasich Ted Cruz Marco Rubio Lindsey Graham Susan Collins Elizabeth Warren Cory Booker Hillary Clinton Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Sherrod Brown Kirstin Gillibrand Kamala Harris Terry McAuliffe Steve Bullock
  3. That's strange. I'll see if I can fix it. I also like simulating more than playing, much of the time.
  4. @republicaninnyc I saw your comment regarding the electoral/popular vote result. The reason I use the electoral vote is because only select members actually voted for the governor, deputy governor and assistants. That is, the Deputies of the General Court, assistants, deputy governor and governor, which was less than 40 people. I can't use a popular vote of 40 people because the game would be unplayable, as there would be more candidates than voters in some of the towns, especially if all the what-if candidates are turned on. Ideally, the vote would just be getting the endorsers to endorse you, and that translates to an automatic vote. But the engine doesn't allow that. As such, I use the popular vote to show the relative power of each town in the colony, and it acts as "support power," rather than as a popular vote, since there wasn't a popular vote for the governor. If a town supports a specific candidate, the delegate is likely to follow the whim of his town. The electoral vote, as a I say, stands for the specific vote of the leaders of that town for a candidate. I wish I could turn off benchmark number that has to be reached, so a straight majority of electoral votes would work. If I can figure out how to do this, then I will remove that barrier, or at least remove any candidate from "controlling" the Congress. Historically speaking, the leader in votes would become governor, the second place finisher would become deputy governor. They would then vote for 8 to 10 assistants to the governors, generally people who also received votes. They may have also voted for Deputies to the General Court at the same time, but this probably would have been done in the towns rather than at the General Court elections, since the records show only the new or reelected governors, dep. gov., and assistants. I'm wondering if @Patine @Reagan04 @Conservative Elector 2 @SirLagsalott have played the scenario yet.
  5. @admin_270 can we close this thread?
  6. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's former national security adviser, has died. He was easily one of the most interesting and readable intellects on American foreign policy. In the late 1950s, he predicted how the Soviet Union would collapse. In the late 1990s, he pretty much predicted how 21st century foreign policy was likely to be for US, EU, Russia, China, and some other places. I don't think I've ever read any writer on US politics with more foresight than Brzezinski. Although, I opposed most of his interventionist and hawkish foreign policy, he was definitely one of my favorite authors. Of his books, I read four of them, but also read parts of other books. I highly recommend The Grand Chessboard, the best book I've ever read on geopolitics. In fact, I even made a board game based on it, which I think would translate to an incredible video game on geopolitical influence.
  7. Nantucket was very much like this well into the 19th century. Nearly every surname in Nantucket for 200 years was Coffin, Starbuck, Macy, Coleman, Hussey, Swain, Folger, and about three others. I'm directly related to Tristram Coffin and Thomas Coleman, two of the founders. Tristram Coffin pretty much ruled the island for decades. They weren't puritans, some were even Anglicans. Pretty much every whaling ship had multiple people surnamed Coffin on them. Macy is the famous family that founded the department. Folger is the famous coffee family and founders of the Shakespeare library. Starbuck is the name of one of the characters in Melville's Moby Dick, and probably the namesake of Starbucks coffee.
  8. Version 2.0 is now up and is filled with events. What-if candidates now have portraits. All candidates, what-if or regular, have unique colors. The election is also now using an "electoral vote" rather than a "popular vote". The EV stands for the number of votes that town had (number of voting officials). The popular vote stands for support power, rather than really popular vote. Feedback is desired, @jvikings1 @Patine @CalebsParadox @republicaninnyc @Reagan04 @The DM @SeanFKennedy @Sunnymentoaddict @TheMiddlePolitical @Conservative Elector 2 @koneke @pjw21200 @sasso
  9. Constantly updating my 2020 Scenario. I've also begun a 1774 Continental Congress election for president of the Congress. I'll make one for 1776. I'll also make one for president of the Constitutional Convention 1787. This latter one will be a challenge to defeat Washington, but it will be much more balanced if one plays it as a "what if Washington refused to lead the Constitutional Convention," if someone turns him OFF. I'm also going to make 4 papal conclaves, which will be fun, but you won't like the map, since I'll use circles or squares to denote regions, unless someone wants to make me a world map. These will be very fictional since we don't know which Cardinal voted for which candidate, but we have leaked ballot numbers. Creative license. I may need a few people to help in making this scenario for me to go thorough with it, since my interest level in this scenario is only occasional, and not a constant interest as US presidential elections are for me. I'll then update the 1788-1960 US elections that I made (*helped with 1824 and 1912) if I have time.
  10. I greatly appreciate this. You've saved me some time.
  11. @Patine @republicaninnyc @Reagan04 And anyone else interested in this scenario. UPDATE: I have inputted half of the events today for the scenario. If I can get the other half in today, then I can have the next update out tomorrow, when I adjust a few other things. I will then move to other scenarios until I get a lot of feedback for this 1637 scenario.
  12. That's true. I didn't realize where he, or many of the candidates were nationally until I typed out the %s with everyone on. I'll diminish his numbers.
  13. 2020 Election Scenario (July 1919 polls) if all the candidates are ON. The scenario presumes that Trump's presidency has continued to be rocky and that anti-Trump centrist/moderates are most disaffected, putting their support behind Kasich, the most consistent campaigning anti-Trump Republican. Republican candidates: Undecided Republicans 40% Donald Trump 22.6% John Kasich 16.5% Ted Cruz 6.5% Marco Rubio 4.8% Rand Paul 2.1% Jon Huntsman 1.9% Lindsey Graham 1.5% Susan Collins 1.5% Susana Martinez 0.9% Tom Cotton 0.9% Ben Sasse 0.8% Democratic candidates: Undecided Democrats 40% Elizabeth Warren 9.5% Hillary Clinton 9.4% Bernie Sanders 8.8% Joe Biden 8.4% Al Franken 3.1% Cory Booker 2.0% Kamala Harris 1.8% Andrew Cuomo 1.8% Gavin Newsom 1.7% Kirsten Gillibrand 1.6% Julian Castro 1.2% Terry McAuliffe 1.1% Howard Schultz 1.1% Sherrod Brown 1.1% Tulsi Gabbard 0.8% Jim Steyer 0.8% Peter Buttigieg 0.7% Alan Grayson 0.7% John Bel Edward 0.7% Eric Garcetti 0.7% Martin O'Malley 0.7% Steve Bullock 0.6% Martin Heinrich 0.6% Lincoln Chafee 0.6% Seth Moulton 0.5% Note: Trump's % greatly expand beyond Kasich's if most of the other candidates are turned OFF. Likewise, Warren and Sanders greatly eat into each other's supporters.