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  1. The next update of President Infinity will automate the installation process. Just download the zip file, and then select it in the game to install it.
  2. The two things that matter are relations and platform similarity.
  3. When the profile progress score gets to 100, it means it will increase to the next level (Low, Medium, High, Very High).
  4. @servo75 Good points. You're right that certain candidates focus on issues beyond just the game mechanic of setting them in one's theme. We'll see.
  5. @servo75 Thanks for this feedback - noted.
  6. @servo75 1. Leaders are automatically available as vice-leaders. Create a new leader, then make sure they are a possible vice-leader for the target leader. 2. Can you say more? You can already directly edit the XML which contains the relevant info, if desired, using an XML editor.
  7. @wolves PR will probably be added to PI when a France 2017 campaign is added.
  8. @Wiw I believe I have it - sometimes turnaround on these is a bit.
  9. @Patine PR is much closer to being implemented in PI now, and if it's implemented in PI, it is then much closer to being implemented in PMI. Preference voting also will probably be added to PMI.
  10. @Patine Re parties endorsing candidates not from that party, this would require looking carefully at exactly what happened. If it was done historically, it might be implemented if-when those historical campaigns are officially added to PI.
  11. @victor1313 Yes, voting blocs will be optional.
  12. @victor1313 Yes, coalitions are planned to be added. I don't have an ETA on it at this point.
  13. @victor1313 I'm not sure what you meant by 'desative' or 'colision', can you rephrase?
  14. @wolves Thanks for this feedback!
  15. @LokiLoki22 A tutorial will be made once the basic gameplay has stabilized. Because favorability and voting blocs are planned, it would have to be re-made after doing that.