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  1. Off-topic and so closed.
  2. The two PMI games should be able to run the same user-made campaigns. If there's a case where this isn't so, please post a link.
  3. @Bruce Fischer Convention mechanics were recently improved, and will probably be improved again at some point in the future.
  4. @SirLagsalott I agree that the debate mechanics are a bit too dry and simple. We'll see.
  5. @Bruce Fischer No plans for that at this point.
  6. @CalebsParadox This should all be fixed with the latest sneak-peek
  7. @jas82007 This is on the to-do list to be added to the Editor. In the meantime, the way to do this is with an XML editor directly editing the ads.xml file in your campaign's folder.
  8. @lizphairphreak If you are still experiencing problems with that, you can send it as a compressed (zipped) file to the e-mail here
  9. No decision re Austrian election at this point. Focus is on U.K. election next month.
  10. You mean with PR? It might be added at some point in the future.
  11. @wolves Not at this point. However, the German election would be a good reason to add the German system (half FPP, half PR).
  12. Not at this point. It might happen through Endorsers (endorsement can increase your delegate count).
  13. Thanks for this - can you tell me from where you are closing the game (Start Screen, Main Screen)? Does it happen consistently?
  14. @republicaninnyc Yes, if you have the latest version, there should be a map import button.
  15. The latest sneak-peek of President Infinity fixes a bug with gaffes, and the post clarifies how gaffes work.