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  1. @TheMiddlePolitical Thanks for this - this now works in the latest internal, and so you should be able to add leaders or parties to these campaigns with the next release of PI.
  2. Ok, the main issue here for me is whether starting Nixon 15 points ahead in NY in 1968 is realistic. I'm interested in polling data that suggests it isn't. The other issues raised are complex, dealing with gameplay.
  3. @jas82007 Are you saying the problem you have is with New York giving Nixon the lead to start, when in reality Humphrey won the state? Also, can you confirm you start with Nixon ahead by 25 percentage points? When I start, Nixon is ahead there by about 14.
  4. Can you link to the 1844 campaign you are using? There is no official 1844 campaign yet.
  5. @Patine Yes, I think the most straightforward approach is to assign probabilities to potential running mates (or no value, which means all are equally likely).
  6. @Conservative Elector 2 Yes, having probabilities or some sort of logic for deciding Veeps is a good idea.
  7. Yes, having an incumbent option is a good idea. We'll see.
  8. It that happened, it could become an official resource.
  9. @Patine A good example of how these sorts of campaigns could be a good educational resource!
  10. Nice list. I would like to see expansion packs that have an historical aim, for example, the Roman Empire.
  11. Thread closed. Yes, everyone - please keep comments respectful.
  12. @FPTPsucks Can you tell me what version of macOS you are using, and if any windows in particular are having this problem?
  13. Hi everyone, There was an incorrect setting in various forums where users couldn't download attachments. This has been fixed. If anyone experiences this problem on the board, please let me know.
  14. This is the default main-map bitmap background. main-map-background.bmp
  15. @Reagan04 Thanks for the feedback!