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  1. One of the effects in an event specified an incorrect issue position (I think it was an issue attribute strength, when it should have been an issue position).
  2. @servo75 Can you load the save games consistently to recreate the error? If not, I recommend waiting until the next PI version is released, and seeing if this bug is fixed. If not, let me know.
  3. @NYrepublican I tested the Confederate States - 1939 campaign. The bug was caused by a bug in the campaign, and I have modified the game engine to be able to handle that particular kind of problem. The next PI release should work fine with the campaign.
  4. (That's a different error.)
  5. Does it occur at a specific date?
  6. Ok, I'll think about it while testing the Australia 2016 campaign (which is the only official campaign that has a coalition). No coalition offers in this update.
  7. The '= 98' error? Or the more generic 'Access violation' error?
  8. What do you mean by summary page?
  9. Can you rephrase this? Not sure what you're referring to as results window.
  10. Yes.
  11. Not sure what you mean by this. If there's a coalition, the seat total is displayed in parentheses on election night.
  12. Do you have a save game you can load to reliably create this error?
  13. I have updated the guidelines above. In particular, Offensive content No offensive content, bad language, etc. If you post something like this corrective action will be taken. This is not intended to exclude legitimate political debate where appropriate. 270soft reserves the right to define what 'legitimate' political debate means in this context. If someone is articulating a sincere political view, making rational arguments for it and citing evidence, and not attempting to be inflammatory simply to be inflammatory (which is sometimes tough to judge), then the moderator will probably allow the comment, as long as the thread isn't getting out of hand. If so, the thread will probably be closed.
  14. The basic answer is take the numbers entered, minus the undecided %, which is put into the 'Undecided' %.
  15. Thanks for this link - noted.