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  1. President Forever 2016 is now President Infinity.
  2. Sounds like a bug - I'll be addressing these sorts of mechanics when Favorability is implemented.
  3. @Patine Focus right now is on direct popular vote and two-round system. Coalitions are on the to-do, and the official Australia 2016 won't be complete until that's added.
  4. @lok1999 Thanks for this - noted.
  5. It's important to distinguish between PR (proportional representation) and FPP (first-past-the-post, or winner-take-all) by direct, popular vote. PR means that you have, say, 100 seats in a congress, and parties get a % of those seats based on their national % (say). FPP direct popular vote is how Senators, Governors, Mayors, and so on are elected. If they get the most votes (or >50% in some cases) they get the office. I'm adding the latter, not PR, at this point.
  6. @servo75 In President Infinity, you can change folders for save-load. Changing the campaigns folder is on the to-do list.
  7. @Reagan04 Yes, Bannon and Miller. I'm sure Trump contributed with basic ideas, editing, choice phrases, and so on.
  8. Rallies use more CPs, fewer EPs, and have greater potential impact than Barnstorming. They are useful if your major limiting factor is EPs.
  9. It sounded like one of his campaign speeches - same themes (populism, nationalism, winning-ism), with more restrained rhetoric. Not a big surprise if it was primarily written by Stephen Miller, who was a top speech writer during the campaign.
  11. @jvikings1 No decision made on this yet, but if a France 2017 official campaign is made, then the game will also have PR added, and PR will then be added to PI whether France 2017 is included or not.
  12. The next update of President Infinity will automate the installation process. Just download the zip file, and then select it in the game to install it.
  13. The two things that matter are relations and platform similarity.
  14. When the profile progress score gets to 100, it means it will increase to the next level (Low, Medium, High, Very High).
  15. @servo75 Good points. You're right that certain candidates focus on issues beyond just the game mechanic of setting them in one's theme. We'll see.