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  3. In President Infinity 2016 at the September 3rd step to the September 4th the error states as follows A call to an OS function failed Watch is wrong with program?
  4. Jim Webb: quite a tantalizing what if
  5. Governor Andrew Cuomo (NY) Governor Gina Raimondo (RI)
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  7. The next update of President Infinity will automate the installation process. Just download the zip file, and then select it in the game to install it.
  8. The two things that matter are relations and platform similarity.
  9. When the profile progress score gets to 100, it means it will increase to the next level (Low, Medium, High, Very High).
  10. @servo75 Good points. You're right that certain candidates focus on issues beyond just the game mechanic of setting them in one's theme. We'll see.
  11. @servo75 Thanks for this feedback - noted.
  12. I accidentally voted for Wiener as well, unfortunately. Please disregard that.
  13. @servo75 1. Leaders are automatically available as vice-leaders. Create a new leader, then make sure they are a possible vice-leader for the target leader. 2. Can you say more? You can already directly edit the XML which contains the relevant info, if desired, using an XML editor.
  14. @wolves PR will probably be added to PI when a France 2017 campaign is added.
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  16. What about them? I'm not including people who were acquitted, absolved, or otherwise cleared of blame. If I didn't set this standard, it would be impossible for me to even limit it to those that I include.
  17. 2. All of these are unacceptable, and most of them would cause me to no longer be able to support a politician who committed these acts. But with some of these scandals, the person could change. For example, "drunkenness and profanity" could be overcome if the person proves they have changed.
  18. Several missing scandals: Hamilton's Reynolds Pamphlet. Mark Sanford's "hike in the Appalachian trail" in reality was him going to Argentina to see his mistress. Rob Bogloavich trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat. (When I was younger, I thought he was trying to sell the chair because of the historical value, not the office). Iran-Contra (not sure who would be the biggest victim/one gets the blame for this one). Bill Clements and his involvement in the SMU slush fund scandal. Mind you, most of these scandals are probably minor in someone else's eyes.
  19. What about Bill and Hillary?
  20. Wow we only agreed only on Blount.
  21. I've presented 17 of the top scandals in US history. Others could have been included, but I tried to omit ones that were too similar. Additionally, this list includes only high-ranking federal leaders (Senators, US Reps, cabinet, judges, VPs and Pres.) I have excluded people who were later found innocent, acquitted, or were otherwise exonerated.
  22. Okay I see, no problem. I even overlooked Obama-Kerry...
  23. @Conservative Elector 2 @Patine I only had so much room. As for Kissinger, I think he was the National Security Adviser for Nixon, longer than he was Sec of State. As for Condi Rice, I chose only one Sec of State-Pres combo for each presidency. Otherwise, I would have also included Obama-Kerry and Bush-Rice. I think Powell's was more important, since he was at that position during 9-11 and the beginning of the Afghan and Iraqi wars.
  24. With only days to go before the inauguration, I guess I’ve got to let go of my rage over Hillary Clinton’s egregious choke job in the 2015 presidential election. (Come on, has Hillz never seen “Hamilton”? You know, “I’m not going to waste my shot” and all that…?) So rather than going into great detail, here’s a rundown of the results of my obsessive replaying of this damn election. My thesis: The Democrats could have run just about anyone else and, hacking aside, the Dems could’ve whupped Trump. At least in President Infinity. So here’s Lincoln Chafee and John Hickenlooper, certainly the funniest-sounding pairing up on a ticket since, well, ever, beating up on Trump/Pence: #FeelTheChafe! And since Al Gore had, ahem, tied Trump in a previous simulation, I decided to test the luck of another great Democratic Party loser, John Kerry. Sherrod Brown was the VP pick here in order to turn Ohio blue, as Kerry so famously got squeaked out of in 2004, perhaps by nefarious means, as some have suggested… As it turns out, Kerry didn’t even need Ohio, with Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin getting enough attention from his campaign. At this point, Trump was getting so disgustingly easy, I figured I’d go way deep into the annals of defeatism to 1988. Oh yes, Mike Dukakis was getting his turn to win – yes, finally, win, at the tender age of 82. Just for the fun of amazing juxtaposition, his running mate would be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I’m not 100% certain as to why John K. decided to include the NBA’s all-time points leader as a candidate in his awesome 2016 scenario, but hey, who wouldn’t vote for a ticket like Dukakis/Abdul-Jabbar? In addition, I resolved that this teacup Chihuahua would be a pit bull in attitude. Understand that I rarely run attack ads in PI ever (the possibility of backlash is enough to scare me off most of the time), but this time, nope. I was letting Dukakis to morph into a Machiavellian Napoleon, dissing Trump at every turn and on TV in direct contrast to his lameass RL approach in ’88. The result was very satisfying: As the map implies, the attack ads played very well in Georgia and the Southwest (though ol’ Duke lost in Arizona by 5,500, he crawled out of a 13% hole to get within 2%). And lo, he was Michael F. Dukakis The Supreme! Finally (not originally finally, but I think my obsession has been quenched), I decided to go with a Democrat that I might even consider voting for in a RL presidential election (on second thought, nah), Al Franken. With late-night talk and/or comedy shows receiving a boon of material that even James Corden could shape into something funny (on second thought, no. No, he couldn’t), why didn’t the Dems just straight-up run a comedian? On the other hand, here’s the charismatic and nerve-touching former “reality” TV star against a dude who needed a Supreme Court in order to officially win a Sentae seat by 300 or so votes. Surely, Turmp/Pence could beat a Franken/Tom Wolf ticket, right? Nope. Feel the frankin’, Mr. Drumpf: Okay, I think PI Trump has probably had enough. We’ll call the final score ABCDs 10 (Anyone But Clinton Democrats), Trump 0. Congratulations to Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Jim Webb, Martin Chafee, John Kerry, Michael Dukakis and Al Franken, who, in alternate universes, are all celebrating their victories in alternate universes. Okay, not Gore. But the rest are. Meanwhile, in our own reality, I can finally join most of the rest of the planet in consigning Hillary Clinton to her rightful spot as a footnote in history. Nice waste of a shot, Hillz. Also Tim Kaine.
  25. Nobody is a fan of the Marshall Plan created under Truman-Acheson?
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