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  2. Me too. And Baltimore.
  3. Sen. Ackermann campaigns in Virginia Senator Ackermann's campaign turned it's focus on the Commonwealth of Virginia. Ackermann and the GOP elites of the state, like former Governors Jim Gilmore and Bob McDonnell, Ed Gillespie, Eric Cantor, John Warner and many more campaigned around the state and held numerous events to convince voters to unite behind the Republican nominee. "The Democrats were attacking me for my comment on a one party system in the US: What I wanted to say is that people are constantly unhappy with our government but they are still electing the incumbent party. We had the opportunity to bring change in 2012, but Americans did not choose it and I think it is the right moment to choose real change now. The time has come to vote for a good future. Vote Ackermann/Jackson on election day"
  4. Campaign head Bill Kristol on KKK endorsement at FOX News "We don't need a so called endorsement of a group of people being racist, homophobic and psychotic. I guess their secret alien connection told them to do so. I mean we can't hinder them to voice their opinion, but we can deny ourselves to be part of this. Senator Ackermann never did something to attract these idiots, because our campaign seeks to unite this country and not to divide it even more. We are clearly rejecting this outcasts and we are pretty sad to see our poll numbers going down for doing nothing than running a heartfelt and committed campaign to make America a better place again. I urge the people of Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia to unite again behind Christian's campaign. We won't let anyone down who is committed to Democracy and real American values."
  5. Not an astoundingly good President, and definitely had his faults, but overall I view him positively for the anti-trust stuff and conservation.
  6. I agree with previous statements. I was looing foreword to one but am glad that it isn't happening right now. Maybe things will change in the future, but updates to President Infinity such as favorability and a complete popular vote features are things that would be nice before anything new is attempted.
  7. Canada apparently statistically has the highest turnover rate and lack of partisan "reliability" in electoral seats of any country in the world today whose legislative body uses an FPTP system (including the US, even though they lack a parliamentary cabinet responsibility aspect to their national legislature - they still elect their individual lawmakers by mostly the same system). As I recall a columnist in the Edmonton Journal (one of the two main periodicals of my home city) opine during the 1993 General Election (when I was in High School, just less than a year before my 18th birthday; the last election where I was ineligible to vote) "in Canadian politics, there are NO safe seats!"
  8. Breaking: Ackermann Endorsed by KKK In a move that the Racial Terrorist Group described as "Needed" The KKK has endorsed Senator Ackermann citing that it would be "Simply unthinkable" to have a gay President and VP, as well as supporting a "Good old fashioned southerner" for president. The Ackermann campaign hasn't commented on the surprise endorsement just yet, but it looks like it will be more of a harm than help. Colorado Man arrested at Ackermann rally with firearm While he claims to be simply supporting second amendment rights, Thomas King (35), of Denver, was arrested after event security noticed that he was concealing a weapon in a strictly restricted area. King claims that he was a second amendment rights activist, but his motives might've been more sinister. Deleted Facebook posts that had been cached by the company and handed over to the police voluntarily after the case became known to the public reveal that Thomas was none too happy with Ackermann, saying that he was a racist, and would destroy America in an effort to tear apart what previous presidents, including Obama, Bush Jr., And Clinton, had worked for. His Lawyer, a Colorado state defender, said that "I would not put a mental illness defense off the table, some of the elements of early onset dementia or schizophrenia are there. We'll bring more details when they become Clear.
  9. I thought I would be angry, but i saw the comment about incumbent thing. I would love to play incumbent Romney in 2016.
  10. I think it has a lot to do with the uniformity of the UK, there are of course regional particularities, but the not the sweepingly different needs and vast distances of Canada, not to mention Quebec being a province completely independent of other trends. Increase regional disparities leads to broader parties that crack the moment they have to make though decisions. Nonetheless, I took your strategy and ran the election again. C - 38.5% - 366 All - 35.0% - 142 L - 21.9% - 116 Basically the same vote , but taking down the Labour Party allows you to slip in there for the official opposition, you were correct, the map basically saw orange replace all the red parts of the map at the beginning of the campaign, while I was much weaker then last time in the South.
  11. THIS WEEK IN THE POLLS! House Democrats close in on house seats, but is it fast enough? Senate The Senate is looking mostly like a status quo, unless it is changed Presidency And the presidency is sliding around vigorously, with no real end in sight.
  12. Harrison was the first president to have his voice recorded Harrison was also the first president to have electricity in the White House
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  15. I'm not sure how quite to respond to the bimetallism question. Having lived all my life (like I'm sure everyone else posting here) using fiat currency and having no strong knowledge or background in hard economics (unlike @Zach, who hasn't posted for awhile), I don't feel confident or informed enough without some explanation that's better than what Wikipedia offers.
  16. @TheMiddlePolitical Thanks for this - this now works in the latest internal, and so you should be able to add leaders or parties to these campaigns with the next release of PI.
  17. From now on, I'll put up a new presidential poll after 12 votes: @Patine @jvikings1 @Reagan04 @Dallas @Sanser2016 @CalebsParadox @lok1999 @jnewt @ThePotatoWalrus @SiorafasNaCillini @servo75 @Presidentinsertname @Falcon @Take Me to La Riva @TheMiddlePolitical @Zach @Sunnymentoaddict @streiner @Conservative Elector 2 @Jayavarman @SeanFKennedy @QuickHead555 @goTBrays @warren2016 @victor1313 @TheLiberalKitten @Biden Should've Run @wolves @Socialist Bernie @Mordechai @michaelsdiamonds @chunkbuster11 @admin_270 @VanMav @pilight Here's the new poll, which will be used towards a forum ranking. All previous presidents have polls in this forum with the number of their presidency before their name. Please take these polls if you have not done so already. If anyone needs clarification/definition of an event/decision, then I'll be glad to provide one. ****NOTE: IF YOU COULD NOT TAKE THE JAMES BUCHANAN POLL, PLEASE LOOK AT THE QUESTIONS AND LET ME KNOW WHICH EVENTS/DECISIONS (IF ANY) YOU AGREE WITH AS WELL AS YOUR ANSWERS TO QUESTION 2 and 3. You can PM me. THANKS! (I need one more vote)****
  18. I don't want this to sound vindictive - that's not how I feel at all - but I had felt from the start the election simulators should have remained paramount priority and had no real enthusiasm for a "Be President" game - I just said nothing to avoid being a "killjoy." All-in-all, I feel, even beyond my own personal biases on the issue, but in practical terms as well, that Anthony has made the best choice.
  19. I think he made the right decision. I'd rather see the President Infinity get consistently updated. I'm really intrigued with the incumbency features, and I hope he will figure out a way to link the presidential election together. It will probably be difficult, I assume.
  20. From the email Anthony/270soft sent out, in case anyone here did not receive it: Hi, First, I want to say thank you for signing up for news about a Be President game, and thank you to everyone who has given feedback on the blog or through e-mail. There are almost 1,000 people who have signed up, and I get there's significant enthusiasm for a Be President game! Now the bad news. I have decided not to make a standalone Be President game. Why? Developing a standalone game would have meant not having a new game for a significant amount of time (to develop a new game, I am guessing it would take at least a year, probably more like two), while also diverting work from President Infinity (and the rest of the Infinity games). It also would have meant forking the game engine, which would mean maintaining both the Infinity game engine and a new Be President game engine, slowing down the process. However, as mentioned I can see that there is a lot of enthusiasm for a game like this. So, some good news. I am going to continue improving President Infinity adding (among other things) incumbency features (so you can do things if you are the incumbent running in the election). In time, this might add up to a Be President game (with, of course, the most recent and best election game engine included). So, what to do next? If you don't have President Infinity already, I recommend getting it or keeping up to date on updates to it at the blog ( ). If you do have it, then just keep giving us feedback! Thanks again for your support and interest in these sorts of games, Anthony Burgoyne Lead Designer, 270soft Where gaming gets political
  21. Fischer Calls In To All In with Chris Hayes, Discusses Democratic Unity Governor Fischer, en route to Georgia, called into Chris Hayes' show on MSNBC to discuss recent allegations of a dis-unified Democratic party. "You know, Chris, these allegations are simply not true, and with all due respect to Governor Barkely, who I quite like, his argument makes no sense. If our opinions are so non-diverse, doesn't that indicate a united Democratic party? I mean, he said '[e]very candidate who ran for the Republican nomination agrees heavily with the message that Ackermann delivered,' and offered this as evidence for Republican unity, so why doesn't the same hold true for Democrats? And also, saying 26% of Democratic primary voters voted for Senator Weathers is fuzzy math; she was polling at 26% when she dropped out. Anyway, she effectively created this divided entirely by herself when she backed Jackson and then Ackermann. Besides, well over 75% of primary voters voted for either me or Senator Greene, so I'd call that pretty damn united."
  22. Greene hits back at "United" Republicans Speaking today while driving during an Internet Adress, Senator Greene responded to Republican's attacks. "Party unity isn't always a good thing. Republicans in Congress have, since 2012, been united behind one goal: blocking anything and everything that Obama tried to do. Meanwhile, Democrats have been weighing their options. That Weathers doesn't agree with the conclusion is saddening to me, as I consider her a friend of mine, who I hold in high esteem, having served with her in the Senate. I support her right to choose what she wants to believe, and what she campaigns on, but her deciding that my Senate compatriot Senator Ackermann is preferable to her weakens the thick layer of ice between the parties, and her free thinking is an example that many Republicans could stand to join. I disagree with what the Republicans believe is fixing this nation, which has amounted to blocking any progressive policy that Obama pushed for, spreading fear of immigration, fear of Healthcare, and fear of our president. Now are they willing to compromise, after six years of blocking? I don't think so, but reelection is here, and they are afraid of paying the piper for blocking every piece of legislation designed to do anything but turn back the clock.
  23. someone is going to make a video? i would be very grateful for that.
  24. Barkely Holds Michigan Rally; Attacks Fractured Democrats Barkely held another rally in his home state today, in the capital Lansing. Some of the largest and most passionate crowds yet joined the Governor, though the crowds would not be expecting the core focus of the speech. "We people, Americans, we are divided now more than ever before. Our nation has been overcome by partisan divide, and no one seems willing to fix it. It's all talk, talk, talk. We have the most united Republican Party in modern political history, and we've shown willingness to work with the Democrats no matter the election result, and to enact bipartisan policies and reform for the benefit of all Americans. Every candidate who ran for the Republican nomination agrees heavily with the message that Ackermann delivered, and we all support him in the General Election. We all have different views, but this is what a united group looks like. Now, lets take a look at the Democrats. It's been four years of stagnation and gridlock, the Democrats have tried to push through far left policies without being willing to compromise with the rest of the nation. Let's take a look at the primaries. We had Greene and Fischer, who ran on what is essentially the exact same platform. They share a similar background, platform, geographical location, and just about everything else. There is no diversity between them. The only contrasting opinion was that of Sen. Sandy Weathers, of Texas. Weathers ran a centrist, bipartisan campaign and garnered a large portion of support in what were typically liberal strongholds. The centrist Senator, despite gaining a massive following, dropped out of the race early. At the time of her withdrawal, Sen. Weathers was about 10% behind the frontrunner in popular vote of the Democratic leader! However, she saw that the Democrats were setting themselves up for another four years of divisive politics under a non diversified and ideological, non compromising ticket. The morale of this is that the woman that 26% of Democrats chose has now urged any and all of her supporters to back the true ticket for a United America. Ackermann and Jackson are the way to go if we want to overcome these partisan divides. The Democrats cannot even unite their own party, much less our great nation.
  25. Fischer Slams NC State Government, Calls to End Gerrymandering Nationwide At a small event in Mount Airy, North Carolina, Governor Fischer did not mince words when discussing gerrymandering. "Gerrymandering has been around almost as long as this country has. It's terrible that politicians are allowed to pick their own constituents. Both sides do it; sure, the Republican state legislature here in North Carolina is the one that made this state one of the most gerrymandered in the nation, but in my own home state, it was Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley who screwed over our voters and pushed Republicans out of their districts. It's despicable and strips citizens of an honest vote, and politicians who do this should be ashamed of themselves. Greene and I would threaten states with funding cuts if they do not either use an independent commission, or, even better, a computer program to redistrict. This'll empower voters and make Congress more accountable!"
  26. Fischer Holds Rally For Greene in Asheville Governor Fischer held a rally, attended by tens of thousands of people, with Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General and Gubernatorial hopeful Roy Cooper, and State Representative and Senate hopeful Deborah Ross. Biden gave an impassioned and relatively gaffe-free speech about how we need to keep the Democrats in the White House and take back the House and Senate, then spoke about sexual assault and how important it is to fight it. Afterwards, Fischer spoke about minority rights and President Obama. "One of the greatest things about this country is its diversity. Diversity of ideas and the freedom to express them, diversity of experience, diversity of skin color, culture, language, and sexual orientation: these all make America a stronger country. "To African Americans, I say: yes, we've made big gains for our cause over the past few decades, but we're not done when we desegregate schools, defeat Jim Crow, or elect a black President. It'd be naive to pretend that racism doesn't exist anymore, which I feel is what too many people do. We won't stop until the words of Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech are truly realized! That's why I'm not afraid to say that Black Lives Matter, and neither is Senator Greene. "To LGBTQ+ Americans: we've made great strides too over just the past decade. Let's continue that over the next 4 years! We need better protections against workplace and housing discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, and we need to break down the stigmas about us that still exist. "To Latinx Americans: Some of the hardest working people I know, some of the people who love America the most, are Latinx. And yet there are some people out there who are convinced that Latinx people, especially immigrants, are responsible for all of our country's problems, like crime and the drug crisis. This isn't true, and in a Greene Administration we'd fight that kind of rhetoric, not disseminate it. "To women: Do you want a president who trusts that you will make good decisions with your own body, who believes you deserve equal pay for equal work, and who wants to provide you with childcare and maternity leave should you need it? Then vote for Senator Greene and I. If you want a man who wishes to control what you can and cannot do with your body, who thinks you're making up the pay gap to feel victimized, and who thinks childcare and maternity leave are wastes of money, then vote for someone else. Also, as Vice President Biden said before, Alex and I are committed to punishing those who sexually assault women and providing help to the victims of this heinous crime. It's sad that someone can do years in prison for owning a tiny amount of a harmless drug like pot, but a rapist can be sentenced for a measly 6 months and only serve half of it because of 'good behavior?!' It's despicable. "And finally, to white people: Alex and I plan to stimulate the quinoa industry, make spicy food illegal, and expand the number of Whole Foods across America (1. Fischer didn't actually say this and 2. I'm white so I can make these jokes ) Alex and I know white Americans, especially those in the middle class and in rural America, often feel left behind in this new, more diverse America. Many politicians would like these people to feel like in order for non-white Americans to succeed, white Americans must lose. It's this kind of divisive, zero-sum rhetoric that Senator Greene and I are fighting to defeat. When the economy does well, all Americans benefit, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. When the American healthcare and education systems improve, all Americans benefit. And when jobs come back from overseas, those jobs are open to all Americans. The real world is not zero-sum, and you shouldn't listen to politicians who say it is! "As a side note, Senator Ackermann recently accused us of trying to further a 'one-party system.' Senator, you are not entitled to the Presidency because you are a Republican and the incumbent President is a Democrat. It's not the Republican's 'turn' to be in the White House unless the American people say it is. America didn't suffer or turn into a 'one-party system' when there was 12 years of Republican presidents from 1981 until 1993, and it won't if Alex is elected either. Also, we are not Barack Obama's third term. I admire President Obama, and he is a great man, but Senator Greene and I disagree with him on some pretty big issues such as foreign policy and fiscal responsibility, and we both grew up in rural America and understand that part of the country better than the current President. Do not try to paint us as the same; the Democratic party is as diverse as the country itself. It includes people like Joe Manchin and Sandy Weathers, who are borderline conservatives, people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who are center left, people like Senator Greene and I, who are moderate liberals, and people all the way to the far left like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (who was rumored to be considering a run for President on the Democratic ticket, but decided against it after that disastrous Elton John incident; there was no way he would've won after having punched the Rocket Man like that). To paint us all with the same brush is disingenuous." (OOC: I love making excuses for why the IRL candidates didn't run in the world of the roleplay. The idea of Bernie Sanders physically assaulting Elton John is simultaneously absurd AND something I can imagine him doing )
  27. Jimmy Carter has been slowly moving around Georgia, supporting Greene with whatever energy he has left, calling back the days when Democrats were the majority of the Georgia Government. Calling back his days on the school board, he advocated Greene's plan to loosen the restrictions placed on educators by Common Core. He advocated Greene's progressive views for society, and her plan to replace cash welfare with education and jobs. Meanwhile, in Ohio, Ted Strickland was moving through Cincinnati trying to get underrepresented minorities out to vote in Hamilton and Downtown Cincinnati, as well as Over the Rhine. In Florida, She was wrapping up her tour, flying up to Wisconsin to sell her jobs program that will help lost factory workers find jobs, in a government owned factory if necessary. Her first priority was to make jobs her first priority. She will be driving through Michigan's upper peninsula, pushing the same points. In Nevada, Harry Reid will be attending to the Senate seat there, campaigning on behalf of his fellow Democrat, and lightly supporting Greene Fischer will be Touring the middle Atlantic States, as well as some rural states.
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