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  3. @LokiLoki22 what do you think of my icons?
  4. There should be portland
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  6. none. He is not her and a question about that would be very out of line, especially for a white house press conference. That's not brave, it's off topic and needlessly confrontational.
  7. OOC: It is now 1, March 1977. Minor bills are all that have been passed. The economy is struggling.
  8. True though. I got lucky with steam sales to get it cheap.
  9. I have now updated (minus flags) all the way through the 1872 election, and have made events through 1892.
  10. New poll: It might be helpful to know the following: Mississippi is among the least healthy states in the Union. It gets the most money from the government as a percentage to it's general revenue, making it the state that relies most on the Federal government. Mississippi is 37% African-American and 59% White. Traditionally the state has been home to leading Slave Power advocates and segregationists, as well as African-American Civil Rights Activists and activists for the poor. Massachusetts is one of the healthiest states. It gets relatively very little money from the federal government; thus, it is more self-sustaining. It his 8% African-American and 83% White. Traditionally the state has been home to leading abolitionists, women's rights activists, environmentalists, labor activists, and is the birthplace and home of many of our leading innovators, authors, scientists, and public intellectuals.
  11. 1892 Presidential Election Bryan has made waves across the US he is polling 16% Nationally and leading in Nebraska,South Dakota,North Dakota,Wyoming,Idaho,Colorado,and Montana. Robert Todd Lincoln will be his VP All possible Democrats are on All possible Republicans are on Except Lincol Neither the Prohibition or Populist party is running
  12. It's going to be awhile. I'm updating all the historical scenarios until Aug 15th, and then I'm going to be really busy until December. However, it's very likely I'll be inspired to update it before December. I might upload the partially updated one that have now around August 15th. It's in improvement on the current one, I think.
  13. Do you have an ETA on it?
  14. It's one that I made, but it is an updated version that I have not posted. It's very much updated from whatever one I have up there. I'll post the updated version when I'm done with it.
  15. Which version of the scenario is this?
  16. Paterson: The pardon Oversight bill is designed to prevent the president from seizing legislative powers. Individual pardons were guaranteed the president by the constitution when he thinks pressing a case isn't in the interest of the country like Ford with Nixon. There is a difference between that and mass amnesty which is a congressional power. This bill will allow the Congress to potentially vote down mass pardons defined as more than 500 people by the bill.
  17. IK I just don't have $50 to pay right now for the base game and DLC
  18. I have Darkest Hour essentially.
  19. I can, it breaks immersion, and feels cheaty to see a number saying how people feel rather than a bar or news event.
  20. I mean he crashes the game.
  21. Cleveland is absent, but if I could...
  22. For the record, as someone who's been playing since HOI2, IV is definitely worth it. Seriously recommend it
  23. I don't have it on steam. is that an issue (never played online)
  24. Pardon oversights bill is now subject for debate and eventual voting.
  25. Masters: "I'm more interested in Martino's Bill for Public Access. I vote yes on cloture, but still express concerns over the Pardon Oversight Bill."
  26. OOC: I mean, It wasn't like I wasn't taking charge, I wasn't backing down my dude.
  27. OOC: Someone had to take charge....lots of Chaos.
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